The Poseidon Cartel

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The Poseidon Cartel
Poseidon Cartel.png
Street Names Pos
Fish Gang
Cartel overview
Formed June 9, 2018
Major Families Triton,
Associates Numerically unknown
Legal personality Illegal Drug Cartel
Operational Area
Poseidon Areas Of Operations
Size 270km2 (104 sq mi)
Population 54,586
Area Of Operations
Overviewed by
Headquarters Poseidon Main Base
The Poseidon Brothers
Checkpoints 2
The Poseidon Cartel

The Poseidon Cartel, formed by three brothers Poseidon with the families of Atlas, Orion and Triton, is responsible for the narcotics trade on Altis, covering an area of approximately 120 km2 with unknown numbers of active associates.

Latest NewsBeat: Poseidon News Beat 2020

Operational structure

The Poseidon Cartel, like any cartel is organised by a number of member groups, the main groups are:

Poseidon Command

The Poseidon Cartel comprises of two main sections of leadership, The Poseidon Brothers (Three blooded brothers from the streets of Pyrgos), and the three Barons.

Baron’s work alongside the three brothers of Poseidon in Poseidon Command and are the heads of their respective families. The Barons are assisted by 'The Fence' (A select grouping, of trusted officials, holding significant positions in both The Family’s of Poseidon and Specialist Training Regimes) in each family to help with the day to day running of the family. The structure of Poseidon Command is as follows:

The Brothers Poseidon
Figureheads Raptor Poseidon
George Harris Poseidon
Henry Poseidon
Baron’s Of Families
Atlas Greeny Atlas
Orion Nalurah Orion
Triton Stubley Triton



The Poseidon Cartel operates and maintains a fleet of various types of vehicles which are used for a range of tasks, these include:

  • Trafficking Vehicles: used for the swift movement of peoples or narcotics to buyers and sellers across Altis. Ultimately the aim of the Poseidon Cartel’s trafficking operation is to move people and narcotics off the island for sale on the international market.
  • Border Control Vehicles (BCV): used for patrolling a the stolen territory of the Poseidon Cartel and its checkpointed border district, for Poseidon emergency response, these vehicles are driven by all members of the Poseidon Cartel
  • Lobos Vehicles : used by Lobos to transport highly trained killing machines to the site of conflict with law enforcement or other rebel factions on the island.
  • Sea & Air Vehicles To exert the Poseidon Cartel’s land and sea dominance over the Island of Altis.


All vehicles listed are used as dictated by the Poseidon Cartel Trafficking and Border Control Vehicles (BCV) - (used by Poseidon Families):

Lobos Vehicles - (used by Lobos ):

Aircraft - (used by Poseidon Air Trained Personel):

Watercraft - (used by Poseidon Sea Dogs):

Miscellaneous Vehicles:


The Poseidon Cartel was formed on the 9th June 2018, as a ruthless drug cartel bent on making the island state of Altis their new home.

The conception of the Poseidon Cartel was followed up with a letter storm across the whole island. These letters read as follows;


We are ready. Ready to show you a new way!

For a long time now we have been trying to find our feet in this ruthless country. We have failed many times, but we have never given up. Always looking for a new way, a way that will allow us to succeed where others have failed. Finally, we have our chance, a chance that is too good to be true at a time when it is most needed. We will need help in this new adventure that we are setting out upon. You may be what we need, but we will never know unless you try.

We can offer you a new life. A new goal to work towards. You just need to prove that you have what it takes!


If you are willing to take this leap of faith into the arms of Poseidon, we can promise you heartache and pain like you have never felt before, so much money that you will be able to bathe in your own wealth, friendships that will last even through the craziest of times.

When you are ready to join you will have to give up everything that you hold dear to you. You will have to give up all links to your past, be willing to push yourself and keep motivated when life gets so hard that you would normally run in fear.


This is only the start, we have come a very long way to this point. Work hard and make the very best of everything you can and Poseidon will evolve into a great and powerful cartel that will not be forgotten. The choice is yours.

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