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No matter how clear we make the rules sometimes people do not care and have their own view on what RPUK is. We are a serious Roleplay community so we have very strict rules on our servers which need to be followed to ensure the quality of Roleplay remains at a high level. This is partly why people who like to roleplay choose RPUK.

Even with a dedicated Staff Team we cannot be expected to watch everyone all the time. Therefore we turn to the community for your support in reporting those who do not follow the rules.


Before making a report, we request that you attempt to solve the issue like adults. This can be done by politely asking the player to come to TeamSpeak or Discord through the use of the in-game out of character (OOC or LOOC) chat. Once in Teamspeak or Discord, you can attempt to solve the issue without getting Staff involved. While this is not mandatory, it is greatly encouraged and failure to do so can hinder your report.


Do not break character or roleplay in game as this would be violating rule C1.14:

(C1.14) Threats to report / disputes / Breaking RP in Voice - There are so many people on the server with all different points of view and disputes and disagreements are all part of the game, however please do not discuss them in-game also do not break RP in voice. For example, if someone has RDM’ed you discussing this on the server or saying “I am going to report you” is not allowed. Please use the forums or TeamSpeak to report or discuss only.


So you've reached a stage where you've been a victim / witness of another player breaking our rules and you haven't been able to resolve the issue. Before filing a report, here's what you need to know.

A Player Report has to be posted within a 24 hour time limit after the situation has occurred. Any reports outside of this timeframe may be automatically denied without discussion, at the discretion of staff.


  • At least one form of physical proof (i.e. a video or screenshot) so we can make the best judgement possible.
  • Any clips must include 3-5 minutes of unedited footage before the alleged rule break occurs so staff can gain some idea of context and lead-up.
  • The only exception to clip-length requirement above is in cases of indisputable evidence of a blatant rule break.
  • Offsite or cloud-hosted clips should be located on content-servers that are not likely to delete that content before the report can be assessed and completed. (This rules out using Discord's servers to store clips!)
  • Session ID of all players being reported should be in the report, ideally in the video/screenshot, but at the very least referred to in the report text. (More information about obtaining a Session ID can be found here)

Reports which do not fulfil these requirements may be automatically denied without discussion, at the discretion of staff.


Reports are not for commenting on. The only people posting should be the reporter with evidence, and the accused with their defence, and staff. The only other people posting to the report should be those with first-hand evidence, or who were directly involved in the incident and have evidence to hand. Violating this will result in a forum warning point with a 7 day suspension, or worse. Direct your comments to the staff team, as if you were in Court, talking to a Judge. Do not engage in 'banter' or back-and-forth with your accuser/defendant/counter-party in a manner that might be seen as hostile or abusive - you WILL be banned.

If a misunderstanding has occurred, do not delete your messages. This can result in the report being set aside, or even land you in trouble yourself.

If you are the subject of a report against you, you should not wait for staff to 'summon' you to ask for your account. You should take the opportunity to give your honest recollection and any counter-evidence or explanations that you have.

Anyone creating false evidence, posting a revenge report, editing the evidence to make the accused look guilty, or knowingly providing false information on a report will end up getting banned themselves.

Bear in mind that from time to time, reports may inadvertently incriminate the reporter as a result of actions they've committed, either intentionally or not, which are against the rules. Depending on the severity of these transgressions, the severity of the rule-break accusation made, and the outcome of that accusation itself, it possible that the reporter may also face action, as well as, or even instead of, the originally accused player.

After reading the above, you should now know if you are eligible to Report a Player. If so, please follow the Report a Player form


All Management/Staff decisions are final.

If a report is successful and you do not agree with the outcome and are banned as a result, you need to post your counter-claim/evidence in your Unban Appeal, not other sections of the forum, Discord, or TeamSpeak or go around disputing it elsewhere in public.

If a report is rejected then again, the decision is final. However, if you have a legitimate complaint about how the report was handled (note, this is not the same as just not liking the outcome), you may contact a member of Management or a Staff Lead via the Discord Ticket System. Timewasters or people using that facility simply to complain about an outcome they don't like, or didn't provide full enough evidence for at the time of the report, will find their tickets closed out of hand, and possibly face further action if persisting.

If you are out of pocket due to the actions of another player and the report goes in your favour, you can be compensated using a Compensation Request form if this is not automatically set up or handled by the staff dealing with the report.

There is no time expectation in dealing with Player Reports. Staff will conduct them voluntarily when they have time and space in their busy routines.

Staff members may change during the course of a report, due to IRL pressures or availability, at their discretion. You may not 'fish' for specific staff to handle a report.

Staff will recuse themselves (i.e. not handle the report, and leave it to other staff) if they are in any way involved in the situation or conduct being reported.