Poseidon Fence

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Poseidon Fence is a trusted group of highly skilled individuals who are give the task of leading cartel members in the field. They are the backbone of the cartel as many of the operations are led by them. Members of the fence are either an Enforcer or a Dealer.

Responsibilities of the Fence

  • Leading operations and patrols.
  • Ensuring the Poseidon rules are followed.
  • Dealing with smaller issues that may arise.
  • Makings sure the feedback system is working.
  • Writing feedback on lower ranks.
  • Assisting the Barons in leading the cartel.

Detailed descriptions of the ranks


Dealers directly help the Barons in the running of their family. They are their eyes and ears within the family. As such they have to deal with any situation that may be counterproductive to the family and Poseidon as a whole.


They have the first hand in say over things within their family. They have shown themselves capable in every situation. They are tasked with the day to day running of your family. Ensuring everyone is aware of what is required of them. At all times they lead by example.