The Poseidon Border

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Southern Checkpoint

The Poseidon Border marks the edge of the territory of The Poseidon Cartel.

You must at all times be carrying a Border Pass whilst operating within their territory, or you may face severe consequences, depending on which member of the Cartel is managing you at that time. You can purchase said Border Pass from both Borders, alongside of the Poseidon Offices.

The Cartel's lands offers you access to a variety of different opportunities - but it all starts at the border. The Poseidon Cartel often mans the border, stopping all members of the public and ensuring you have the adequate pass and that they are carrying no items with malicious intent. Once all is clear, they are able to proceed to continue their business.

Border Wars

Every Friday at 8PM, an automated event begins. This event is known as Border Wars - a Redzone appears near the current border. The outcome lasts until the next week, where a new outcome is determined.


  • Multiple capture points are put in place, and the default capture points are disabled. The Border Wars can be attended by The Altis Police Service, The Poseidon Cartel & any Rebel groups who wish to participate for their own motives. Depending on the outcome, some changes are put in place to favour the faction who came out on top.

General Information

  • While the border is in a neutral state, the map will be configured as it always has been - This favours neither party.
  • Each set of capture zones has a high tier point (5 points), a medium tier point (3 points) and two lower tier points (2 points). The higher tier points will be harder to hold, either since they are exposed, or since they are large military compound

Police Victory

  • If The Police obtain the most points in a neutral state, the Poseidon Border will be pushed back further into their lands. If they are knocked back fully, not only will the existing Poseidon Checkpoints be trashed, but all members of The Poseidon Cartel will recieve 10% less from drug dividends.

Poseidon Victory

  • If The Poseidon Cartel obtain the most points in a neutral state, The Poseidon Border will be pushed forward, going as far as including Athira within their lands. This would cause the Athira PD to be trashed, making it unavailable for Police.This allows Poseidon to spawn there until their border recedes.
  • The Poseidon Cartel also gains 15% off of their weapons, alongside of a 10% increase in drug payouts.

Rebel Participation

  • Whilst Rebels are unable to claim any territory of their own, they are able to attend the event to not only gain money, but to contest the zones. Rebels holding a zone will deny both The Poseidon Cartel and The Altis Police Service of those points, By doing this they can sway the power of balance on Altis.