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Head Trainer DJ Atlas
Shot Callers

Poseidon is an enemy to many different groups on the island of Altis. Some of these are heavily armed and unorganised rebel groupings. What they lack in leadership they make up for in numbers and weaponry which are often brought against Poseidon on a daily basis in unprovoked attacks. Another opposition is the Altis Police Force. They are well supplied and have a good mix of weaponry together with people who are trained to use these weapons.

The best way for Poseidon to stand its ground in these hostile times is by arming and training individuals with the best weapons we have in our arsenal. These individuals will be able to react to ongoing situations or carry out preemptive strikes against our enemies and are called Lobos.

Lobos Ranks

Lobos command consists of: A Head Trainer and two Trainers. Currently DJ Atlasis the Head Trainer with Kez Tritonand TBAas Trainers.

Rank Desciption
Head Trainer Head Of Lobos, controls lobos with the help of Trainers.
Trainer Trainer, conducts trainings both public and private
Shot Caller Trainer, conducts PDF training's
Tier 3 Highest Tier In Lobos and accses to 7.62
Tier 2 2nd Tier in Lobos given accses to a Stealth Suit and MXSW
Tier 1 Trainee in Lobos

Lobos Recruitment

The Lobos recruitment works different to the other units in Poseidon and many other units on the island.

Due to the large benefits of being a member and the requirements of applicants being higher this is a lengthy period of evaluation.

In Game Performance

Due to the different nature of Opens potential members of Lobos are watched closely and can be based off their performance on the live server and get invited that way.


Opens are held whenever the Trainers and the most people can attend and different scenarios are held to help us to decide who might have the right skills to become a Tier 1 member.

Feedback is given to attendees and based on their performance forwarded different tips how to improve their communications combat etc.


Once Trainer's feel like a Member is ready they are invited at the weekly meetings.

Being invited is never a guarantee and the limited slots lets only the best of Poseidon allowed access into the Unit.


PDF otherwise known as the Poseidon Defence Force is a subdivision of Lobos. With Lobos being stretched thin due to new threats and few members, PDF is there to help even up the playing field. All PDF members undergo a test, conducted by a Shot Caller, to prove their capabilities to using high powered rifles and show their team working skills.

PDF members get access to the MXM, suppressor and long range scope so that during a fight the PDF members can back Lobos up.

They are restricted however to when they can use their equipment:

  • An operation where Lobos gear has been authorised by command or Lobos trainer.
  • An ongoing situation where Lobos gear has been authorised by command or Lobos trainer.
  • When partaking in a Lobos patrol as a guest

PDF can be a stepping stone into Lobos as they have the ability to see how they work with each other and whether your combat skills and communication are up to scratch.


Lobos has two unique Vehicle's to Poseidon which allows them to get around Altis at a efficient rate with the high speed of the Hatchback (Sport) as well as the Qilin. Lobos members also gain access to the Ifrit for combat situations where a MRAP is needed, it is also frequently used to counter other MRAP'S and to effectively decamp on enemies in combat situations.

Vehicle Desciption Picture Of The Vehicle
Ifrit Tier 2 accses and a used asset in combat situations.

The Ifrit is a reliable, all-terrain Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle designed

manufactured in Russia.

The armoured hull can withstand small arms fire,

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and 40mm Grenades.

The sloped undercarriage and roof are designed to deflect explosions around the vehicle.

Ifrit fix lobos.jpg
Hatchback Sport Tier 1 accses Allows Lobos to move faster to situations.

The Hatchback is a popular vehicle model that was imported into Altis in large quantities

from the Far-East after the war in 2035 as many vehicles were destroyed in the fighting.

It is advertised as a economical run-around with a 'roomy' boot that makes it the

vehicle of choice for multiple groups across the island including Lobos.

Hatchbacksport lobos.jpg

Lobos Armory

The Lobos Armoury features a wide range of weapons ranging from 6.5 Calibre to 7.62, allowing Lobos to fight in all environments Altis contains. Below you can find the Lobos Armoury and some basic information regarding it.

Tier Weapon Description
1 MXM MXM.png 6.5 Caliber 100/30Rnd Mag
Promet MR Promet mr.png 6.5×39 mm 30Rnd Mag
Promet SG Promet SG.png

6.5×39 mm 30Rnd Mag
12 Gauge 6Rnd Pellets
12 Gauge 6Rnd Slugs

2 MX-SW MX SW.png 6.5 Caliber 100Rnd Mag
3 MK-1 EMR Mk-1 EMR.png 7.62 Caliber 20Rnd Mag


Lobos features two uniforms unique to Lobos on the island making it easier for citizens of Altis to recognise them.

Tier Clothing Description
1 Paramilitary


This uniform serves as clothing for Tier 1 members of

Lobos and is used by guests on Lobos Patrols.

Lobos tier1 clothing.jpg
2 CTRG Stealth Suit The Stealth Suit allows Lobos Tier 2+ members allows Lobos to avoid thermals

and become more efficient in combat situations.

The lobos logo on the uniforms arm makes it quite

distinguishable for civilians when meeting a member.

Lobos Stealth.jpg