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The Assault Boat is an inflatable rubber boat used by both NATO and CSAT forces. It is also used by civilian emergency services and in limited numbers with both FIA rebels and the Syndikat.

Assault Boat
Type: Boat
Legal Status: Legal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: 140
Max Speed: 45 km/h
Horse Power: {{{HorsePower}}}
Fuel Capacity: 12
Seats: 5
Armour Rating: 10


The Assault Boat is a barely used piece of equipment used by the the different factions on Altis.


  • Troop transport
  • Fast-attack
  • Rescue


The Assault Boat is a single engine, small inflatable boat that can be used for maritime raids and infiltration, as well as riverine operations. It can also be used for civil purposes where it can serve as a personal recreational watercraft or as a surf lifesaver boat.


  • Moderately fast for its size.
  • Can also be airlifted via sling-loading by all helicopters with the exception of the MH-9.
  • All passengers are able to fire their own weapons (forward facing only)
  • Passengers are completely unprotected.

Notable Traits

  • Lack of armour.
  • Should only ever be deployed into situations where there is no threat of enemy.

Crew Capacity

Regardless of faction, all variants can transport the same amount of passengers. This includes the driver themselves and up to four more passengers who either lay prone on the port and starboard sides of the hull, in front, or crouching in the centre just behind the front passenger.


  • Up to level 1 Hull upgrades
  • Up to level 2 Fuel upgrades
  • Up to level 1 Lockpick upgrades
  • GPS Tracker Upgrade


This vehicle is available to rent or purchase at various locations across the island.

Purchase and Rent

Location stores
Kavala pier Boats
Pyrgos Boats
Neochori Boats
Agios konstantinos Boats
Agia Triada Boats
Cape Kategidis Boats