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The Atlas Family
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Family Command
The Family Baron
The Family Dealers

Atlas Family have been based in Neri for a number of centuries, facing times of war and despair but through their bond of brotherhood we have always pulled through the tough times and became stronger. Originally founded due to the lack of governmental regulations to keep the people of Neri safe, Atlas was formed with the intent to protect and aid its members in times of desperation.

Back when Neri was a more unknown town the people were isolated from main trade routes making it close to impossible to gather basic medical supplies, food, clothing, materials for repairs and clean water. Without Atlas, Neri would have become a ghost town many a year ago, thus the brotherhood was forged.


Baron - Henry

Henry here the current Baron of Atlas, spent my time here mostly as a rebel enjoying the life but once i heard of Poseidon I decided to join it and here we are a year or so later and still going. If you need anything feel free to pop me a message!

Dealer - Greeny Atlas

Dealer - TBA



Promotions are decided by the Barons and Capos. They are also suggested by the Family Command. There is no set way to be promoted, no ‘easy’ route. Show hard work, dedication and a high level of roleplay and then, in time, you will work your way up the ranks.


Feedback is given during patrols by Henchman+ during the course of a week. At the end of the week every Atlas members performance during the week is assessed and discussed between Henchman+ in the Atlas family.

When we look at the members performance we assess the following:

  • Leadership Capabilities: Was the member in question able to deal with a heated situation? Was the member able to handle a patrol and effectively lead it?
  • Attitude: Can the member integrate well with other members? Does the member approach civilians in a friendly way?

Family Compound

The Atlas Family Compound is located at the main road in Chalkiea. Family meetings are held on site and also serves as a place for Atlas members to relax from the stressful duties as a Poseidon member.

Atlas Compound