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Serving as the regional capital in the South Eastern parts of Altis, Pyrgos is a stronghold for criminal activity and is one of the last major cities that the Altis Police Service do not enforce. To take it's place was the Poseidon Cartel who currently enforces their own law across the Eastern areas of Altis.

A fuel station is located to the south of the city's limits. A military installation is built near the city itself; it is located in the north-east belonging to the Poseidon Cartel and working as their HQ for all operations. There is a road which links Faronaki to Pyrgos and the main road allows for easy accessibility to Chelonisi Island.

The remains of an ancient Tower now features as the Poseidon Jail. The nearby office complexes serve as The Continental for Poseidon, a Poseidon Office which sells Border Passes and a Hugo Ross clothing store which serves a particularly popular tourism attraction for the city.

The city holds a variety of rich cultural history and unique surroundings and these are some of the points of interest:

  • Pyrgos Church: Located on the main road running inside Pyrgos the church a beautiful building inspired from Tanoa.
  • Pyrgos Harbor: Pyrgos features a beautiful bay with a boat garage and shop for civilians.
  • Pyrgos Town Centre: Located in the middle of Pyrgos it features a vehicle garage, The Continental, a Poseidon Office which sells Border Passes and a Hugo Ross clothing store a hub of activity
  • Pyrgos NHS Hospital: Located on the main road leading into Pyrgos this small hospital can get you healed up and on the way.