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About me

Beloved Capo George Harris

HI, I'm George Harris and have been a member of this community since early 2017. I have spent a majority of that time playing on Altis Life as leader of the Poseidon Cartel. Since the Arma server shut down I have primarily focused my efforts on the GTA RP FiveM server. I am an active part of the Police as well as being a member of 'The Firm'.

Currently I hold the positions of Staff Level 4 as well as 3D Model & Assets Developer for the FiveM server. If you want to contact me do so either through the discord (George Harris#8074) or the forums.

Altis (Arma 3)

The Psychos (2017-2021)

The Psychos is were I started off as a Rebel back in 2017 after having only been on the server for a couple of months.

Throughout my time in the Psychos I have made great friends whom I have played with across many factions.

Altis Police (2017-2018)

I joined the Altis Police Service in mid 2017 as an PCSO.

West Altis Constabulary

After completing my initial training I was put in the West Altis Constabulary where I quickly got to know people and started my career within the police, trying to work my way through the ranks.

In January of 2018 I reached the rank of Chief Inspector.

PPC > PC: June 2017

PC > SGT: July 2017

SGT > INS: September 2017

INS > CI: January 2018

Resigned: June 2018

National Crime Agency

As part of my time within the Altis Police Service I joined the specialist operation group NCA. Through my time I ranked up through basic member, section lead up to assistant director of undercover operations.



Poseidon Cartel (Jun 2018-2021)

In 2018 I left the Police to start up the new whitelisted faction Poseidon Cartel. I joined the Cartel as Baron of the Triton family and helped to run the faction as a whole. I remained as Baron of Triton for a year before coming a Capo. I am the last remaining member of the original command structure and thus the longest serving member of the Cartel.

San Andreas (FiveM)

The Firm (2021-present)

I am an associate of The Firm, having many responsibilities, after finally agreeing to join in 2021 after having a year of successful business interactions with one another.

IOPC (Aug 2020-Dec 2020)

This was a government agency that I was an Investigator in. It was active from August 2020 to December 2020 when it was closed down and its work load transferred to the LS Courts.

LSPS (Mar 2021-present)

In my time in the LSPS I have reached the rank of Sergeant in the Frontline division, managing Team 1.