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The Orion Family
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Orion family is a vital part of the cartel. It's responsible for training new associates and then assigning them to their families. To handle that tasks they have developed a set of tests and assessments which help in making sure the associates are well trained and very competent before they are promoted to the rank of Halcone. Due to the importance of this task the Orion family is the smallest within the cartel, it's member are picked from the other families by the Orion Command and then specially trained to become trainers.


Baron - Nalurah Orion

Hello there! My name is Nalurah and I run the Orion family. I have been part of Poseidon for a long time and living on this island for even longer. Running the training family I enjoy helping new people become fully fledged members of the cartel.

Dealer -TBD

Training Process

Our current process is quite complicated, it looks like this. Keep in mind that from interview to final assessment all associates have a time limit of 2 weeks. If they go over that time limit they will likely get removed.

Application --> Interview --> Weapons & Communications Test --> Theoretical Test --> Field Assessments --> Final Review


Application is the only stage not handled by the Orion family. It is done by Poseidon Command. The application can be submitted here. This is quite simple, all you do is submit an application and then a member of the command will contact you with the result and, if accepted, some tips on the next parts of training.


Once you application has been accepted you will be given a few documents to study. After you have made sure you read and understood everything in those documents you can join the interview waiting room teamspeak channel. In there you will wait for an Orion member to conduct the interview. The interview will consist of basic questions about the cartel, server rules and some scenario based questions. After giving your answers to all questions the trainer will go over them and score them. Then you will be given feedback on them and will be given your result. Should you pass your interview you will be given the rank of associate and you trial period will begin.

Weapons & Communications Test

This test is, as the name suggest, test your weapons handling and communication skills. To do this you will go on the training server. The test will start with some cartel related questions after which you will be put in a few scenarios that you could face on the live server and will be scored on your handling of the situation. After going through the scenarios you will be given feedback and your result. After this test is done you will be free to attempt the Theoretical Test.

Theoretical Test

This test is often called the interview 2.0. It consists of a set of questions which are more detailed then the interview ones but still revolve around the same subjects as the interview. After you give your answers you will be given feedback and your result.

Field Assessments

These test are likely the most enjoyable ones. They are done during your standard patrol. If you will be patrolling on the server and there will be an Orion member with you he will write feedback on you. Once you get at least 3 FA's you will move on to the final assessment part.

Final Review

This part does not require you to do anything. Once you pass your tests they will be reviewed by the Baron of Orion and other Orion members willing to help. They will decided if you are worthy of becoming a Halcone. If they decided that you should be promoted they will notify you either on Wednesday or during the Sunday meeting. Along with your new rank you will be assigned to your new family, either Triton or Atlas.

How to join Orion

Orion is the only family which has a special joining process. The first step is to be a member of the Cartel and be a Halcone or higher. Then you have to fill out an interest form. Once that is done the Orion Command will review it and decide based on it, your performance in-game and your general attitude will decided whether you should be accepted into the family. If you are accepted you will start your TiT stage (Trainer in Training). This will consist of you having to observe and conduct one of each test. For the sake of simplicity interviews and theory tests count are in the same category. You will also need to help out in one of the Final Assessments. Once that is done you will become a full Orion member.