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Fire Service
Abbreviation: Fire
Service overview
Formed: 15th June 2022
Employees: 50 Approx
Los Santos Terrain Sat.jpg
Map of operationasl area
Size 270km2 (104 sq mi)
Population 54,586
Key Elements
Overviewed by
Headquarters: Capital Blvd Fire Station
Service Executives:
  • Phoenix Ashes (Director)
  • Luke McDuke (Chief Medical Officer)
  • Blake Andrews (Chief Fire Officer)
Fire Stations
  • Capital Blvd Fire Station
Service Website
Los Santos National Health Service Forum
Los Santos National Health Service Website

The Los Santos Fire Service (LSFS) was established on the 15th June 2022. The LSFS has the following mission Statement "Los Santos Fire Service is committed to providing the best service we can to the community by preserving life and the environment by delivering excellence in response, prevention, education and training." The LSFS are still some of the happiest workers in Los Santos, knowing that they are in a safe and secure working environment, where they are cared for, and are warmly welcomed by others no matter what situation they arrive at.

To join the fire service you need to be an active member of the LSNHS. See below for information on applying to Join the LS NHS


Mission Statement

Los Santos Fire Service is committed to providing the best service we can to the community by preserving life and the environment by delivering excellence in response, prevention, education and training.

Core Values

Pride - We aim to serve with pride and honour in all our actions

Integrity - We will strive to the highest moral and ethical standards, honesty and trust will serve as our foundation in dealing with each other and our community.

Dedication - Our department will strive for personal and professional excellence and dedication to our duties.

Respect - Every member of the LSFS will treat all people with compassion, tolerance and dignity by providing a professional service that is expected from our community.

Organisational Structure

Ranking Structure

Please follow the chain of command when approaching people with any issues. Remember that should you respect each other no matter the situation, we are all here to work for the NHS/Fire and make the NHS/Fire the best possible place it can be. The chain of command should be used where possible. Exceptions can be made if/when required. Ultimately a Director's decision is final.

Firefighter - This is the first rank within the fire service. This will be were you receive training in fighting fires in a safe manner to prevent harm to yourself or others. This will be the main rank for most people within the fire service.

Senior Firefighter - This is the rank where you will be taught to provide training to new comers to the fire service, conducting Fire academy entry training/test, Building entry training and Safely working at heights (SWAH) training.

Crew Manager- If you have shown competence you have gained this rank. You are now in charge of your own crew consisting of 8 firefighters and 2 senior firefighters. You will become a Colour lead while on patrol and receive training in managing your crew.

Station Officer - With this rank you are moving to not only running your crew, but into managing your entire stations crew. Each station will have 4 crews running out of it. You will be working with the CFO and Director in making sure your station is running effectively.

Chief Fire Officer - This is the head of Fire. This person will be involved in the running of the fire service. Making sure that its staff are completing the jobs to an excellent standard, and will be in charge of maintaining a working environment. Managing members activity status.

Director - The highest rank within the NHS/Fire. Ultimately the final decision will be made by this person. They will also be working closely with the Chiefs of service to make sure the NHS and fire is running like a well-oiled machine. Any disciplinaries will be conducted with this person. They have worked their way through the ranks from bottom to the top, so will also have a wealth of knowledge.

Firefighter Senior


Crew Manager Station Officer Chief Fire


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CMO Badge.png
Pay £ 320 £ 360 £ 440 £ 480 £ 500 £ 560

Recruitment Process

Firstly, you will need to apply to the National Health Service by filling out an Application Form. Ensure that your application is as detailed as possible. After submitting your application it will be reviewed and you will receive a private message on the Forums regarding its outcome. At time of writing there is no 'cooldown' between applications. If you are declined feel free to reapply as soon as you like.

On passing the application stage, you will be invited for an interview. The interview stage is stringent! Be sure to read the NHS Terms of Service before your interview, Having passed you will be trained in dealing with our normal medical callouts, giving you some basic medical knowledge in preparation for you to take an amplitude assessment. On passing the amplitude assessment you will be promoted to Paramedic within the NHS and be given the chance to also join the fire service where you will undergo some fire training from the fire academy trainers.



These vehicles can be used by all fire service staff members.


These vehicles are used for general patrol for attending fire and medical callouts.

  • Scania Fire Engine


These vehicles are to be used for low number patrols and for supporting the fire engine. They will be first on scene to update the FIRE team and provide support on scene.

  • BMW X5
  • Ford Ranger
  • Mercedes-Benz Vito (Incident Commander/HART)


These are the vehicles used to support full crew patrols. Will stay with the FIRE team and carries addition firefighters to assist with callouts.

  • Volvo Fire Engine