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A list of all vehicles found on the island of Altis.



Name Image Notes
Kart Gokart.png The Kart or "Go-Kart" is a Civilian vehicle that is available to rent or purchase.
Hatchback Hatchback.png The Hatchback is a civilian 5 door hatchback that comes in 2 models
The MB 4WD is a 3 door sport utility vehicle. It is available in two variants, an unarmed and an armed variant.
The Offroad is a civilian vehicle designed primarily to cope with the many dirt tracks and rugged terrain that make up Altis.
The Prowler is a Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) that is used by the Altis Police Service.
The Qilin is a versatile vehicle initially designed for recon and troop transport. It rose to fame very quickly with many civilian groups across the island as well as the Poseidon Cartel.
SUV Suv.png The SUV is a civilian four-door, compact luxury vehicle with a powerful engine and 4x4 drive system.
Quadbike Quadbike.png The Quadbike is a cheap, 2 man ATV that is great for heading off-road and cross country.


Name Image Notes
HEMTT Transparant.png
The HEMTT is an eight-wheel drive tactical truck that can be used to transport/heal soldiers, and repair, refuel and rearm vehicles.
the Tempest is a highly flexible, multi-purpose modular vehicle that sports different capabilities depending on the variant such as transporting troops, and repairing or refuelling vehicles.
The Truck is a multipurpose, medium-sized, off-road capable van designed for a variety of roles ranging from transporting freight and/or passengers, to refuelling military and civilian vehicles.
The Zamak is a medium-sized 6x6, general utility truck that can transport and heal troops, or repair and refuel military vehicles although it can also be used for civil purposes as well.
the Van represents more than twenty years of innovation. It is the benchmark for hybrid minibus-style vehicles; providing a combination of reliability and customisation for a variety of roles.


Name Image Notes
The Tractor is used by farmers from Livonia and altis to harvest there crops and drive arround in style.


Name Image Notes
The Ifrit is the primary MRAP vehicle used by Civilians on the island of Altis.
The Hunter is the primary MRAP vehicle used by the Altis Police Service on the island of Altis.
The Strider is an MRAP vehicle available to Civilians on the island of Altis.


Name Image Notes
AR-2 Darter
The AR-2 Darter or "Darter" is a lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed for reconnaissance and surveillance used by the Altis Police Service.
CH-49 Mohawk
The CH-49 Mohawk was designed for use as a "Medium-Lift" Cargo transport helicopter by the AAF. It found usage on Altis with the civilian population as an entry level cargo helicopter as the only other legal cargo transport helicopter is the very expensive CH-67 Huron.
CH-67 Huron
The Huron is the most expensive helicopter currently available on Altis. It found popularity with the richer occupants of Altis due to its great carrying capacity and large rear passenger section.
The M-900 helicopter is the civilian adapted variant of the MH-9 Hummingbird.
MH-9 Hummingbird
The MH-9 Hummingbird was initially designed for NATO as a light transport and recon helicopter. It found popularity with the residents of Altis once it became commercially available due to its great handling, cheap price and quick acceleration due to its lightweight body.
Mi-290 Taru
The Mi-290 Taru is a heavy utility helicopter with coaxial rotors and a unique modular construction.
PO-30 Orca
The PO-30 Orca was the primary helicopter used by CSAT forces during their occupation of Altis. The surplus Orcas quickly found their way to the main commercial dealerships where they were repainted and sold on as civilian transport vehicles.
UH-80 Ghost Hawk
The Ghost Hawk is a five-bladed, twin engine, rotary-wing stealth helicopter designed for slingloading cargo and to transport troops into battle.
WY-55 Hellcat
The WY-55 Hellcat found immense popularity as every Hellcat came fitted with a powerful thermal imaging camera making them great for recon purposes.


Name Image Note
V-44X Blackfish
The V-44X Blackfish is a VTOL cargo aircraft with the ability to both transport infantry or vehicle's making it great for overall use.
Y-32 Xi'an
The Y-32 Xi'an is a VTOL aircraft with the ability to reach speeds up to 700 KM/H making it faster than its NATO counterpart the V-44X Blackfish.


Name Image Notes
A-143 Buzzard
The Buzzard is a low-set, straight wing jet-powered aircraft with a double-taper planform. It is designed to be a low-cost aircraft capable of performing both ground attack and air interdiction missions.
A-149 Gryphon
The A-149 Gryphon is a single-engined conventional jet fighter, the Gryphon uses a mixture of canard control surfaces and a delta-shaped wing design.
Caesar BTT
The BTT is a lightweight and highly manoeuvrable propeller-driven plane.
F/A-181 Black Wasp II
The Black Wasp is a twin-engined stealth fighter that uses a clipped delta wing design with a reverse sweep on the rear.
To-199 Neophron
The To-199 is a twin-engined light strike aircraft that uses a conventional swept-wing design. In addition to its primary role as a ground attack jet, the To-199 is nimble enough to perform either combat air patrol or reconnaissance roles if necessary.
To-201 Shikra
The To-201 is a twin-engined stealth fighter that uses a semi-blended-wing-body fuselage.
A-164 Wipeout The Wipeout is a twin turbofan-engined, ground attack jet that uses a cantilever low-wing monoplane wing design with a wide chord.


Name Image Notes
Water Scooter
The Water Scooter is an unarmed civilian jetski that uses a single four-stroke engine.
Assault Boat
The Assault Boat is a single engine, small inflatable boat that can be used for maritime raids and infiltration, as well as riverine operations. It can also be used for civil purposes where it can serve as a personal recreational watercraft or as a surf lifesaver boat.
The Motorboat is a civilian speedboat that uses an outboard twin engine design with a V-drive configuration.
Powered by twin diesel engines, the RHIB is an armed rigid-hulled boat. Its duties include coastline patrol, surveillance and resupply of special operations forces, and transporting personnel to and from ships.
The SDV is a small, four-man submersible vehicle designed to carry up to four divers. It is used to transport divers over long distances and for infiltrating into areas while underwater.
Speedboat Minigun
The Speedboat minigun is a compact, twin-engined boat that uses a V-shaped hull. with a rear gunner who has access to a minigun that has 2,000 rounds of 6.5 mm ammunition.