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Type: MRAP
Legal Status: Illegal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: 58
Max Speed: 125 km/h
Horse Power: 289
Fuel Capacity: 26
Seats: 4
Armour Rating: 200

The Strider is an MRAP vehicle available to Civilians on the island of Altis.


The Striders on Altis remain part of a small fleet of military surplus vehicles formerly utilised by the AAF. Money launderers rent out these vehicles to those willing to pay for them

  • Roles:
    • Troop transport
    • Observation


The Strider is a medium all-terrain, four-wheel drive reconnaissance vehicle designed by German and Dutch engineers and manufactured in Turkey. The armoured hull is capable of withstanding small arms fire.


The engine and fuel tank of the Strider are placed at the rear of the vehicle well within the protective shell of it's armor, unlike the Hunter and Ifrit however, the Strider is unable to protect against explosives due to its flat bottom design.

Notable Traits

It is an amphibious vehicle allowing it to travel at a speed of 125km/h while in the water, as well as being able to deploy smoke in an emergency. It also comes fitted with an observation periscope capable of being deployed above the vehicle that is capable of thermal imaging.


The Strider heavily relies on speed where it lacks in armor with a top speed of 128km/h making it useful for rapid missions, or where water is an obstacle that needs to be traversed.

Crew Capacity

The Strider always has a seating capacity of four personnel, the driver, the commander and two passengers.


The Strider currently does not support any upgrades from the Mod Shop.


The vehicle is only available for rent at one location on the island.

Rent Only



  • Digital Green


  • The Strider appears to be based on the LGS Fenek, a scout vehicle used by the German and Dutch armed forces.
  • Despite being the most lightly armoured of the vehicles in its class, it is the heaviest of the MRAPs.


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