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About Me

Altis National Health Service
Rank Consultant in Training Department
Primary Unit RIC in Road Incident Responders
Years Active January 2020-Present

Hello! My name is Riz, and I joined this community in January, 2018. I joined the RPUK Wiki Team 26/10/2020 as a way of further assisting players around the server.

I'm the deputy of the Training Department within the Altis NHS, where I spend most of my time intracting with the lower ranks of the NHS, alongside of our lovely MTO Team. Most of my activity within the community is from the NHS side of things, although I can occasionally be found prowling around as a civilian with the various organizations that I partake in.

You can reach me via My Forum Profile, on teamspeak, or even via Discord!

There isn't much else you need to know about me, If you have any general questions, don't be afraid to reach out and contact me!