To-201 Shikra

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The To-201 Shikra is a multi-role/air-superiority fighter jet that was used during the war by CSAT forces.

Type: Jet
Legal Status: Legal
Weapon: {{{WeaponPrimary}}}
Trunk Space: 10
Max Speed: 1500 km/h
Horse Power: 65
Fuel Capacity: 2540
Seats: 1
Armour Rating: 65


The To-201 Shikra is a fifth-generation, single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter jet. The aircraft was designed by a CSAT and Russian joint syndicate with the goal to build a highly agile and manoeuvrable air-superiority fighter.


  • Recreational use
  • Surveillance


The To-201 is a twin-engined stealth fighter that uses a semi-blended-wing-body fuselage.

  • Primarily designed with supermanoeuvrability in mind, it incorporates all-moving horizontal and vertical stabilisers.


  • When it comes to Within Visual Range (WVR) dogfights, the To-201 is far superior to the NATO Black Wasp in almost every aspect.
  • Its agility is unrivalled, and can easily out-turn and outmanoeuvre its NATO counterpart with ease.

Crew Capacity

  • The To-201 has a maximum seating capacity of just one; the pilot themselves. It cannot transport any passengers or crewmen.


Upgrades can be bought from the Aerial Mod Shop. The To-201-Shikra Supports:

  • Transponder Upgrade (Up to level 2)
  • Thermal Camera Upgrade


Purchase and Rent


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  • Grey
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