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The Altis Police Service's Marine Policing Unit (MPU), established on 30th of December, 2034 is a marine based specialist unit tasked with policing and safekeeping Altis' over 200 kilometers of coastline and deep waters.

Marine Police Unit
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Chief of MPU
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Deputy's of MPU
  • Gzeeman
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General Information


Originally MPU was only responsible for training officers how use aquatic assets such as boats and wet-suits effectively. On January 3rd 2038, due to the massive uptick in maritime crime (largely blood diamond), MPU became is own fully fledged specialist unit providing an active group of highly trained marines to patrol the coastlines as a preventative force as opposed to the previous 'reactive' force policy.


Photo of MPU's headquarters, overlooking the Pyrgos Gulf

MPU is one of the few specialist units which has their own dedicated headquarter. Positioned just south of Altis International Airport, just at the northern coast of the Pyrgos Gulf, the headquarter has got a strategic location, putting it close to major crimes that could be involved in maritime activities aswell.


  • Pollution Prevention: Being proactive in safeguarding the waters surrounding Altis to ensure they're kept healthy allowing marine life to thrive.
  • Education: Successfully educating civilians and marines on the importance of climate conservation.
  • Resource Protection: Extensive resource protection making sure Altis's oceans are not being plundered.
  • Solutions: Finding peaceful and good nature'd solutions for a plethora of maritime problems.


  • Preparations: Meticulous operational planning; multi-unit strategy.
  • Protocol: Ensuring stringent adherence to the rules and regulations regarding MPU assets.
  • Search & Rescue: Saving lives and rescuing lost souls.
  • Recover: Making sure damaged maritime assets are retrieved, repaired and fully operational again.


  • Enforcement: increasing the reach of government from land, stretching it over the water.
  • Drug Interdiction: Inspections, seizures, boarding and commandeering of naval vessels.
  • Piracy: Preventing the raiding of maritime commerce and theft of aquatic assets.
  • Guarantee: Defending those who live, work, or recreate on the water.

Unit Structure

Command Section

The Command Section is a section dedicated to all the Command within MPU, ultimately forming the “board” of the unit.

The Command Section handles all the administrative work related to the unit. The ranks that classify as members of this Section includes the Deputies [DMPU] and the Chief [CMPU]. Almost all of the work done within the Command Section is backend, whether this is making important decisions, attending Board Meetings, Back-end database work, Recruitment of up-and-coming marines and general overview of the unit as a whole.

Training Section

The Training Section is a section dedicated to all the Naval Training within the Police. Whether this is MPU Entry Tests or Non-MPU Boat Tests.

The Training Section is run by the DMT (Director of Marine Training) and is populated by MT (Marine Trainers). Their responsible for every type of Water based training in the whole force. They typically perform Marine Entry Tests, but can also perform “Boat Training” for non-MPU. The section is mainly Information/Training based.

Operative Section

The Operative Section is a section dedicated to all the standard positions within MPU. This is the most common and is the largest Marine Section.

The Operative Section is run overall by the DMO (Director of Marine Operations), within the Operative Section it includes multiple “Teams” which are run by an MTL (Marine Team Leaders) per team. The other ranks within the Operative Section include: PM (Probationary Marine), M (Marines), SM (Senior Marines). The Operative Section focus primarily on day-to-day patrolling of the seas, this could be Search & Rescue missions all the way down to land/water based Threat Response.

Non-Specialist Section

The Non-Specialised Section is a subsection of MPU containing Boat Trained Officers. These are people trained outside of MPU but have access to assets for operational usage.


All sections within the Marine Policing Unit shares the same fleet. They have a large variety of naval vehicles, ranging from submersible Swimmer Delivery Vehicle's (SDV) to armed Speedboat Minigun's.