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The Specialist Protection Group (SPG) is one of the Altis Police Service's specialist operations units. It was founded and began official operations on the 2nd of October 2038. It was created from the remnants of the Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG) and was originally founded by Ace J Hunter with the help from Tadworth, Gordon, Sciencefreak and Ryker. It successfully passed its trial in January 2039 and is continuing to be lead by SI James Johnson.

Specialist Protection Group
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Chief of Specialist Protection
  • SI James Johnson
Deputy of Specialist Protection
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

What is the Specialist Protection Group

The Specialist Protection Group is an elite specialist unit. Different to other police units, it is a defensive unit opposed to an offensive unit. It is based on prediction, prevention and proactive policing, aiming to protect and provide security on Altis.

The SPG use special Metropolitan police tactics taken from the real London police. This includes convoy formations, special communications, tactics and more. Furthermore, in SPG we uphold high standards of roleplay and expert police procedures. All members are highly skilled and trained officers with multiple different roles and specialisations.

The idea comes from combining all the major defence units within the UK and combining them into one force in accordance with RPUK and the APS.

The units it is derived from are:

  • Protection & Security Command - (RaSP & PaDP)
  • Special Escort Group (SEG)
  • Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) - (TSG, TFU, CSG, OSU, SEG)
  • Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) - (SEG, REG)
  • Aviation Policing Command (SOAP)
  • Territorial Support Group (TSG)
  • British Transport Police (BTP) - (Roads and Transport Policing Command)

The Specialist Protection Group's Remit

Close Protection for VIPs

The Specialist Protection Group provides personal armed protection for the Royal family, Prime Minister (Mayor) and other ministers, ambassadors, visiting heads of state and other Very Important Persons (VIPs). This is done through both mobile protection in vehicles through escorts and convoys, on foot formations and also static protection for residences and buildings in which VIPs reside.

Static Armed Protection

The Specialist Protection Group provides armed protection for venues through event security. This can be for official events such as police showcases and ceremonies or high profile civilian matters such as weddings.

Critical National Infrastructure Protection

The Specialist Protection Group provides armed protection for critical national infrastructure across the island. This includes both site protection and mobile armed response to these locations.

Designated Sites

  • Royal Bank Assets: RBA Treasury, RBA Reserve, Banks
  • Government Assets: 10 Kavala Street
  • Police Assets: AR Weapons Cache, Police Stations, HMP
  • Civilian Infrastructure: Fuel Stations, Processors, Airports (Aviation Policing & Security)

Additionally, all Specialist Protection Group officers are expertly trained in negotiations to ensure the best possible outcome of negotiation situations.

Resource & Asset Protection

The Specialist Protection Group provides mobile armed protection to any resources and assets deemed to be dangerous or in need of specialist protection in order for them not to endanger the public. This includes weapons, nuclear materials, hazardous and protected loads

Territorial Policing

The Specialist Protection group provides a specialised approach to territorial policing. Officers use this jurisdiction in order to support the other operations and ensure that they all run smoothly. This includes some public order containment and peacekeeping when VIPs are interacting with crowds through crowd control. As well as using their skills in order to contain riots and public order crises.

Additionally, further operations such as the following may be used:

  • Roadblocks & Closing Streets (Rerouting)
  • Checkpoints (Stop & Search)
  • Lockdowns


The Specialist Protection Group also provides use of their protection and defensive specialisation for additional operations such as protecting civilian activities and also occasionally aiding in prisoner transports. Civilians are able to request specialist protection from SPG through the Public Protection Request system.



The Specialist Protection Group wear the standard patrol uniform, a black police issue carrier rig vest, police cap and a black bandana. The use of the black bandana is to conceal officers' identities during patrols and operations, as it is necessary to make all officers look the same and ensure that they can do their protection duties without being recognised.


All Specialist Protection Group officers are armed AFOs. They carry a wide range of weapons in their arsenal in order to respond approriately to different situations.

For low key overt close protection operations, Close Protections Officers (CPOs) may carry sub-machine guns, such as the Protector or Sting. Where the Personal Protection Officer may even simply carry a pistol. Whereas for larger operations officers may choose to use a Spar-16 or MXC carbine. During larger operations there will be more officers set up around the perimeter providing overwatch and counter-snipining abilities, where the use of the MX may be necessary. The use of the MX assault rifle is for designated Rifle Officers (ROs) who have gone through additional training to ensure their effectiveness as a marksman.


All Specialist Protection Group officers also carry a flashlight for use in dark rooms and at night as well as blue smoke grenades for tactical engagements. The bipod is also available to those who have gone through the additional combat training. Finally, the Specialist Protection Group utilise the AR-2 Darter to provide surveillance over patrols and operations.

Additionally, the specialist protection group can aquire any additional authorisation for necessary weapons during an operation.


The Specialist Protection Group has access to specialised vehicles in order to accomplish its duties. As well as the use of the standard white police SUV and Van Transport, the specialist protection group have the following assets at their disposal.

  • SPG Van (Cargo) (Police Van Cargo) - For Terrirotial Policing
  • Police MB-4WD - For use as a Rear Vehicle during a convoy
  • White Quad bike (Unmarked White Quad Bike) - For use as an escort bike during a convoy, or as a specialised patrol asset
  • SPG Black SUV (Unmarked Black SUV) - The standard patrol/operation vehicle
  • Command SUV (VIP SUV) - The vehicle for the VIP
  • Mayoral SUV (Armoured SUV) - The vehicle for the VIP
  • Darter - For surveillance operations
  • Hunter - Temporarily available for Operation Aegis

Additionally, the specialist protection group can aquire any additional authorisation for necessary vehicles during an operation.

Ranking Structure


The leads deal with the strategic side of command. They set objectives, track performance, oragnise the unit, handle applications, deal with public relations, manage backend documents and databases and represent the unit in the Police Board and to Police Command

Chief of Specialist Protection (CSP) - The officer in charge of the whole unit and ultimately responsible for all its actions.

Deputy of Specialist Protection (DSP) - Two officers hold this position and aid the CSP with running the unit.


The seniors deal with the tactical and operational side of command respectively.

Head Protection Officer (HPO) - Two officers hold this position. They handle the tactical side, engaging in leading operations and heading trainings and trainers.

Senior Protection Officer (SPO) - For each HPO there are 4 SPOs. These officers handle the operational side of command as they lead patrols and small scale operations.


Trainers are responsible for training new officers attempting to join the unit and training the Trainee Protection Officers. They deal with the following:

  • Trainings - Baisc/Advanced
  • Assessing TPOs on patrol
  • Conducting the Field Assessment for TPOs to become full POs


Protection Officer (PO) - Unlimited numbers of officers can hold this position. At this rank an officer is now fully part of the unit and has access to all of its resources and assets.


Trainee Protection Officer (TPO) - Unlimited numbers of officers can hold this position. At this rank an officer has now joined the unit after passing their basic training. However, they have yet to finish their field assessment to become a full PO.


Police Officers are able to apply to join the Specialist Protection Group through an application process. Applications are reviewed by SPG Command and officers are vetted. Officers who have previously been guests on SPG patrols and have impressed have a higher chance of having their application accepted. Officers who also show a strong dedication and skill as a guest on patrols may also be invited to skip the application process. Once an officer has had his application accepted he is subject to a basic training. Having passed their basic training officers go on to become Trainee Protection Officers (TPOs). At this rank officers get access to the basic SPG Armoury and are able to go on patrols. TPOs are required to patrol for a minimum of 5 hours before they are then allowed to take their Field Assessment (FA). The 5 hour minimum may depend on their performance on patrol observed by seniors. Once being eligible for the Field Assessment, the officer is subject to an assessed normal patrol where they must fulfil 10 specific criteria. If the officer successfully gets a mark of 35/50 (70%) they are given the rank of Protection Officer (PO) and are now officially considered a member of the unit.