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Creebles [6669]
Creebles blur.png
Altis Police Service
Rank CSI in Agios Police
Primary Unit DNCA in National Crime Agency
Years Active 2017-present
National Health Service
Rank FA in Hector Department
Years Active 2017-2018
Creebles signature.png

About me

Hi, I’m Creebles! I’m here to help y’all out with any question or concern you may have. Feel free to come to me for advice on personal, professional and in-game matters or if you just wanna talk about anything; I’ll do my very best to assist you with whatever issue might be troubling you. Also, don’t be afraid to jump in my channel if you see me on patrol!

And remember, “Victory stands on the back of sacrifice”.


Feel free to reach me on my forum profile or on Discord @Creebles#6854

Altis Police Service

I'm currently devolving the majority of my 'RPUK time' towards the Altis Police Service, which I joined on November 2017. I was assigned to the West Altis Constabulary as a PPC and I've been with them ever since.

So far I've achieved the following positions: