Altis International Airport

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Air-side at the Terminal
The Terminal Entrance
Altis International Ground Layout

The Altis International Airport is an located in the centre of Altis. The International Airport is the biggest out of the six airfields present on the Altician mainland with two runways long enough for heavy cargo planes and fighter jets.

The Airport Complex is home to many organisations.National Police Air Service, Aviation Dealership, garages for both Ground and Air Vehicles, the Go Kart Track. There are 3 Air Garages from which you can pull out Helicopters, planes, anything that is meant to fly basically. There is also a single ground Vehicle garage and a Quad bike rental Stand.

Within the Terminal Building there is a small market and seating area. which currently stocks the following:

Item Price Description
RPG Tips Tea £10 The best tea across the island recovered from Boston Bay and shipped over.
Rabbit Meat £75 The only decent animal native to the island, farms provide us with a steady supply
Red Bulldog £1,500 The best energy drink on the island, so good stocks are running out, hence the price!
Marmite £250 You either love it, or hate the bloody stuff!
Baked Beans £75 Apparently made by Heinz, although they don"t really taste like it…..
Lockpicks £150 For those times when you "forget" your car keys
Pickaxe £1,200 Used to help you mine various raw materials found across the island
Axe £1,200 Used to chop down trees .... TIMBER!
Full Fuel Cans £850 Just in case you forget to fill your car up at one of the many gas stations!
Bolt Cutter £7,500 For those times when you "forget" your house keys
Excavator £1,750 The only tool rated for recovering lost treasures deep underwater
Zipties £15,000 For those nights you decide to try something "different".... Or want to tie up someone