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The Altis Police Service first introduced Armed Response as a specialist unit on 21 December 2036.

Armed Response
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Chief of Armed Response
  • Jamie
Deputy's of Armed Response

Armed Response utilises vehicles crewed by uniformed officers who have been selected and trained to stabilise and control armed incidents, stop and search suspects, their vehicles and to search premises for armed suspects and illegal firearms. Each Armed Response vehicle is crewed by up to four officers who patrol specific areas of Altis to ensure the fastest response times possible are achieved.

The Altis Police Service first introduced 'Armed Response Vehicles' to the streets of Altis on 21 December 2034

This then stemmed into the modern Armed Response that is seen patrolling the streets of the island today, these officers are heavily armed and prepared to deal with all major situations, ranging from petrol station robberies to large-scale heists. Each Armed Response Patrol consists of 4 to 8 officers in the CTSFO Police uniform who are ready to attend any situation at a moment’s notice.

Armed Response Ranking Structure

Armed Response is comprised of SFOs, CTSFOs, Team Leaders and Command each with their own set roles and responsibilities. As well as this, Armed Response also trains and test Police Officers to use more specialised firearms.
Rank Desciption
CAR Chief Of Armed Response, 'Chief' of the unit
DAR Deputy Of Armed Response. 'Deputy' of the Unit
Trainer Lead The Leader of the Training Team full of up to 6 Trainers
Team Lead The Leader of a 'Team' full of/ up to 6 CTSFO's
Trainer Armed Response Trainer, In Charge of Internal and External Officer Training
CTSFO Fully Trained Armed Response Member
SFO Trainee Armed Response Member

Armed Response Asset's

Being a member of Armed Response gives you access to certain assets, the majority of the Police Service does not have access to. These include:
MAR-10 The MAR-10 is a very restricted asset, It is ideal for long range engagements
7.62's What AR is best know for, 7.62's are great for Long, Medium and Close Range Engagements
MXSW Accessible at SFO, 100Rnd mags available for the ultimate Spray and Pray
Tear Gas Tear Gas are used to blind and interfere with enemies sight and hearing, only works when a gasmask isn't worn
Flashbangs Flashbangs are used to temporarily blind enemies not paying any attention
Hunter The Armed Response Hunter is the Rarest of Hunter's, Usable from CTSFO and great for locating targets
Prowler Prowler is perfect for transporting up to 7 AR officers in one vehicle

Armed Response Operations

Armed Response often run Operations to reach a specific target, these Operations mainly target Firearms or Specific Items used to commit crrimes such a RBA Treasury robbery.

Operation Guardian

Back on the 23rd of March 2039, Armed Response started an initiative titled Operation Guardian to target large organised crime groups to prevent crimes linked to firearms. Armed Response conducted many house raids based off of credible intelligence and patrolled more visibly in high-priority areas. These actions led us to seize a massive haul of firearms, illegal goods, and military vehicles.

We evaluated the known firearms on Altis and classified them into 3 categories, being based on criteria related to calibre, lethality, and ease of access. The categories were; Low-tier, Mid-tier, and High-tier firearms. (This was prior to recent changes to weapons involving high capacity magazines fitting more firearms.)

After over 4 weeks of patrols, raids and civilians handing in their firearms, we are announcing that Operation Guardian has come to a close, meaning we can announce the following statistics.

In monetary value, we seized over £350,000,000 worth of illegal goods, with 404 firearms (L 61 | M 106 | H 237), 216 unique high-grade gear, 371 stolen goods, and 22 military vehicles all being removed from the streets.

Armed Response Recruitment

Armed Response Recruitment is very different compared to others and has a much more complicated and lengthy recruitment process which also means there is a much lower success rate.

The recruitment process is invitation only, officers who consecutively do well in heated situations will be noticed and watched by the unit.

Open Training

when new Recruits are required Open Training can be hosted on which which included Team v Team and is open for all Officers to apply at any rank. A Scenario is recreated similar to one seen while out on duty, examples include, Treasury or Hostage Situation.

Upon Performing well in a training session the potential to Progress further is available.

Closed Training

Closed Training sessions which also include Team v Team training exercises are regularly put on to ensure the current AR line-Up are fit for duty as well as examine new Potential Recruits. AR Members increase the difficult slightly and also gain the ability to get to see the potential recruits from a team player aspect.


If an officer is continuously performing well then an Invitation into Armed Response may be offered, This can take a long time to achieve and is never a guarantee.

Armed Response AFO Programme (AFO)

The Altis Police Service introduced the Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) due to the constant high risk of gun crime on Altis. These are officers that are able to use a firearm appropriately and effectively under pressure in an operation.

All AFO’s have access to MXSW’s for use during times where increased firepower is needed for operational success. This gun is a huge upgrade which normal officers are not allowed to use. Due to proven capabilities of AFO’s they also have some extra perks on normal patrols.

AFO is limited and only 18 Officers at a time can be AFO Trained, this means that the officer is required to ensure he uses his perks but also ensure he is up to the standard to maintain access to the perks.

AFO's are trained by the Armed Response Training team.