Aviation Dealership

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The Aviation Dealership
The Shop within the Hanger

The Aviation Dealership [also known as "Altis Aviation"] located within the Altis International Airport Complex, is the only legally authorised seller of all aviation for the island. The Dealership is within the 2 hangers North-East of the Airport Terminal, some of the aircraft are displayed to allow you to see it within the metal before you buy! Also situated within the Hanger is the Prestige Air Shop! Both of these shops require payment with 'cash in hand' and do not accept credit card payments.

The following are the aircraft available for purchase at the Dealership:


Helicopter Price
MH-9 Hummingbird £450,000
M-900 £450,000
PO-30 Orca £1,000,000
WY-55 Hellcat £4,000,000
CH-49 Mohawk £6,000,000
CH-67 Huron £30,000,000
Planes on display within the Hanger


Plane Price
Caesar BTT £750,00
Caesar BTT (Racing) £950,000
A-143 Buzzard £15,000,000
To-199 Neophron £20,000,000
A-149 Gryphon £20,000,000
To-201 Shikra £40,000,000
F/A-181 Black Wasp £40,000,000
A-164 Wipeout


VTOL Price
V-44X Blackfish (Infantry Transport) £50,000,000
V-44X Blackfish (Vehicle Transport) £75,000,000

Prestige Air