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Heyo, fancy seeing you here.

so as you may have guessed i'm Nikolai.

my part in this community is mostly messing around on the Altis life server, mostly roleplaying as police and overall messing around

i joined the police back in april of 2020 and took ages to finish my PCSO stage, whenever i finally passed i got to join Kavala of my own choosing until i got PC,

i went on to join Academy helping out New people in police to get their holding and hopefully go further in police.

currently standing i'm a SI in academy, and i'm apart of NCA aswell

Joined a gang called FaZe DoWn as a group rep, so i'm in that now

i joined the Wiki team on the 26/10/20, as a way to help a bit more than just playing on the server, and here we are

Me in a hardhat (:

don't really know what else to type so enjoy your day and enjoy the server! ;)

if you want to see my profile page on the forums for whatever reason -> here's a link