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Prestige Club in Kavala

The Prestige Club is located in the Heart of Kavala. This is an exclusive store for the few people that have reached level 1000 in any profession. By gathering, processing and selling items you gain XP, this XP then accumulates into profession levels, which are then accumulate into prestige levels (1000 profession levels makeup 1 prestige level).

This shop allows people to buy legal weaponry such as Handguns and the Shotgun, Skinned vehicles (Royal Mail Van, Beast Hatchback Sport, Redgull Ceasar BTT) and exclusive clothing (such as suits, vests, hats and bergen backpacks).

Prestige Club members can then spawn in their owned ground vehicles from the Club House in central Kavala.

Your prestige level is visible in the bottom left of the Y menu.

Paycheck Increase

As well as unlocking more items, increasing your prestige level will also increase your paycheck. For each level past (but not including) level 1, your paycheck will increase by £1,500.

Prestige Levels

The ability to utilise the Prestige Shop is unlocked at prestige level 1, as well as some initial items.

The other items are unlocked as you progress through the prestige levels. In the table below you will find the items and at what level you unlock them.

At each of the even levels of prestige (2, 4, 6) you are allowed to own 1 more property.

Level Unlocked items
1 Prestige Suit

Beasts skin for the Hatchback Sport (£100,000)

Modular Helmet

2 Bandana masks with shades (£2,500)

Ability to purchase another property

3 Bergen Backpacks (£15,000)

Ability to purchase small dome (white)

4 Marshal Hat

Ability to purchase another property

5 Deck Crew Vest (Violet)

Access to Prestige Trucks - Loyal Mail van

Ability to purchase large dome (white)

6 EOD Vest (Coyote)

Ability to purchase another property

7 Crew Helmet (Soft)

Ability to purchase large dome (white) for a group

10 Carrier Special Rig (Lvl 5 Vest)

Access to Prestige Air Garage - Redgull Caesar BTT