Con Air

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The Con Air Shelter

Con Air is a rebel ran Aviation Dealer situated within the Poseidon Cartel held, South East of Altis. The dealership is a remote airfield, with a dirt track runway which can make take offs a challenge, especially in your brand new jet... Con Air sells the same aircraft as the Aviation Dealership within the Altis International Airport Complex, however are painted with different skins such as the rebel Digi skin. There are also 2 helicopters that are exclusive to Con Air, these are the Mi-290 Taru with the Fuel, Transport and Bench variations. Mi-290 Tarus are considered illegal so be careful with her near the Altis Police Service. To access the Con Air Dealer you must have first purchased the Rebel Training License from the Black Market.


Helicopter Price Skins
MH-9 Hummingbird £450,000 Rebel Digital
M-900 £450,000 Rebel Digital
PO-30 Orca £1,000,000 DIgi Green, Desert Digi
WY-55 Hellcat £4,000,000 Rebel Black
CH-49 Mohawk £6,000,000 Rebel Black
CH-67 Huron £30,000,000 Default
Mi-290 Taru [Transport] £20,000,000 Camo
Mi-290 Taru [Bench] £22,000,000 Tan, Grey, Camo
Mi-290 Taru [Fuel] £25,000,000 Camo
The Con Air shelter and dirt tracked runway from above


Plane Price Skins
Caesar BTT £750,00 Default
Caesar BTT (Racing) £950,000 Default
A-143 Buzzard £15,000,000 Default
To-199 Neophron £20,000,000 Default
A-149 Gryphon £20,000,000 Default
To-201 Shikra £40,000,000 Default
F/A-181 Black Wasp £40,000,000 Default


VTOL Price Skins
V-44X Blackfish (Infantry Transport) £50,000,000 Default
V-44X Blackfish (Vehicle Transport) £75,000,000 Default

There is also a vehicle garage opposite the dealer to allow you to store and retrieve vehicles.