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Cars of Kavala

There are 4 established Motor Shops amongst the island of Altis, the most prominent being Cars of Kavala [Shown on map as Motors]. All Motor Stores sell and rent the vehicles and all purchased vehicles from these stores are permanent, if crashed and destroyed they will be returned to your garage after the restart, unless they are scraped by thieves at the scrap yard or scrapped by the Police due to illegal usage. All of the Motor Stores stock the same vehicles, However, not all Motor stores stock Trucks. Truck Stores are separate, usually due to size constraints of the cities they are located within.

Before your purchase a vehicle ensure you have the correct DLC otherwise you wont be able to drive it off the lot. Also the Motor Stores require a Cash payment and don't accept credit cards!

Below is a list of vehicles available for the Motor Store:

Vehicle Name Price DLC
Hatchback £7,000
Offroad £14,000
SUV £40,000
Hatchback [Sport] £200,000
MB 4WD [Open] £225,000 Apex dlc.png
MB 4WD [Rollbars] £250,000 Apex dlc.png
Qilin £300,000 Apex dlc.png

This Shop is located in the following towns:

  • Kavala (aka Cars of Kavala)
  • Athira (aka Athira Cars Ltd)
  • Sofia (aka Sofia vehicle Sales - Sells Trucks)
  • Pyrgos (aka Cars of Pyrgos)