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Located on the north east corner of Altis, Sofia is the second last city with the last one being Molos. The city is built on the highway and it runs through it allowing for easy access to shops located on the side of the road. Located on a hill to the North lays tone of the two Gold Buyer's overlooking Sofia.

A fuel station is located in the centre of the city with a Church nearby. There is Two roads which connects Sofia to Gatolia a city located in the east, which holds a power station for a large solar farm.

3 shops can be found in Sofia A General Store, Hugo Ross Clothing Store and a Motors shop where you can buy vehicles. It tends to be a quiet city with Salt miners and Uranium miners passing through the city.

Below you can find some of the points of interests in Sofia

  • Sofia Church: Located on the main road running through Sofia.
  • Sofia Hugo Ross Clothing Store: A Hugo Ross store selling various brand clothing items is a main point for citizens.
  • Sofia General Store: Here citizens can pick up various items like NVG's, First aid kits and much more.