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Kavala Fuel
Agios Fuel

I like driving in my car, its not quite a Jaguar. Fuel Stations, fuelling Altis's most common form of transport. On Altis you're never far from a Fuel Station (unless your up in the north-western mountains that is) each of which is fully equipped with all your immediate roadside needs such as nibbles and toolkits. They also meet Rebel needs, the need to rob. Fuel Stations can too be robbed of some quite large sums, that is if the Police don't show up. They also sell Lottery Tickets for £25,000 (Prizes can be claimed from a Post Office).

To fuel your vehicle, park it near the pumps, walk over to the pump and select fuel vehicle on the scroll wheel menu, this will produce a progress bar, once full you'll be charged from you bank and you may be on your merry way.

Fuel Stations Shops:

Presco's Express
Item Price
RPG Tips Tea £10
Rabbit Meat £75
Red Bulldog £1,500
Marmite £250
Baked Beans £75
Full Fuel Can £850
Mofo 24hr Service
Item Price
Binoculars £150
GPS £100
Compass £50
Watch £10
Map £1
Toolkit £250
First Aid Kit £250
NV Goggles (Brown) £2,000

Robbery Requirements:

  • 5 Online Police Officers
  • Any Weapon

Robbing Process

  1. With a Weapon drawn, enter the Fuel station and look at the Tablet
  2. A list will appear which is navigated by using your Scroll wheel. Select 'Rob Station'
  3. Once you start to rob it, an alarm will sound alerting anyone in the local vicinity of your intentions. Along with this, the Fuel Station map marker will turn Red. The Altis Police Service are also notified or The Poseidon Cartel are depending on where the Fuel Station is situated.
  4. You must stay within 10 meters of the Station to keep 'Robbing it'
  5. Once the progress bar reached 100%, you will receive up to £200,000 in cash.

Fuel Station List

There are 13 named Fuel Stations on Altis:

Kavala Fuel

Aggelochori Fuel

Stadium Fuel

Kore Fuel

Agios Fuel

Lakka Fuel

Telos Fuel

Anthrakia Fuel

Pyrgos Fuel

Chalkeia Fuel

Paros Fuel

Salt Lake Fuel

Sofia Fuel