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The Life blood of Altis. Civilians are those who make Altis the place that it is!

As a Civilian (Civ) you are able to partake in endless possibilities. You could be a law abiding citizen doing runs to make your money, you could work for one of the Islands Licensed Jobs. Fancy turning to the Dark Side? Becoming a Rebel and making your footprint on the islands via the most gruesome of means? The Choice is yours

The Civilians occupy the Purple Slot when logging onto the Server. You are given the option of 4 Spawning locations: Kavala (Altis' center) Agios Dionysios, The Airport, Athira and Pyrgos. If you work for a Licensed Job you may have more options.

There are 3 other Factions on Altis; The Altis Police Service, The Altis National Health Service and The Poseidon Cartel.