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National Health Service
Abbreviation: NHS
Service overview
Formed: 17th July 2021
Employees: 190
Legal personality: Medical Agency
Map of the NHS operating area
Size 62km2 (24 sq mi)
Population 54,586
Key Elements
Overviewed by
Headquarters: La Trinite Hosptial
  • CMO. Jeffrey
  • CMO. Phoenix
  • CMO. Joe Cracker
NHS Admins:
  • KierT
  • La Trinite Hospital
Service Website
Malden National Health Service

The Altis National Health Service (NHS) was established on Altis on the 14th of February, 2014 and then moved to Malden National Health Service (NHS) on the 17th of July 2021 and is currently one of the most vital services operating within Malden after having moved to the island. The founding principles were that services should be comprehensive, universal and free at the point of interaction. Each member provides a comprehensive range of health services, free and at unlimited use for the citizens of Malden. The NHS is made up of hundreds of well trained, high quality, and friendly Medics who work day and night to ensure those that need medical care receive it. Working long hours on fairly low wages, the NHS are still some of the happiest workers on the Island of Malden, knowing that they are in a safe and secure job environment, where they cannot be harmed, and are warmly welcomed by others no matter what situation they arrive at. The NHS will provide some of the best times you can get within the community.

Organisational Structure

NHS Command

Current Chief Medical Officers
CMO. Jeffrey CMO. Phoenix CMO. Joe Cracker
Department: November Hector Sierra Training
Dept Leads CST. Roger Smith

CST. Bob Wilkinson

CST. James Johnson


CST. Zulufighter


CST. Saccar

CST. Riz

Standard Ranking Structure

Full details about the ranks can be found by clicking on them below

  • Student (STU): Identified by having 'STU' printed on the epaulette. Student is the first Rank on your NHS career, you can achieve this by going through the NHS Recruitment Process. As a Student, you are unable to patrol on your own until you reach the rank of First Aider. You get access to the Hatchback or the Van (Ambulance) to use as a patrol vehicle, though!
  • First Aider (FA): Has 1 'Pip' on the epaulette. First Aider is the rank where Medics experience their first sense of freedom. All first aiders are divided into the x3 departments ran by the consultants, to help administrate promotions, feedback and disciplinaries. First Aiders can patrol on their own at any time without the need of another medic to patrol with and get access to the SUV. Many First Aiders choose to patrol alone as they enjoy the independence. At FA you can take the M900 test.
  • Paramedic (PAR): The most common rank within the NHS. The epaulette as a Second 'Pip' above the one issued at the First Aider rank. Paramedics can join Air rescue or Road incident Responder (not both at the same time) and they can join the Application team and the Training Team but again not both. Paramedics also get access to the M900 and lead a Air rescue patrol by themselves.
  • Surgeon (SUR): An epaulette full with 3 'pips'. Surgeons can join both NHS Air Rescue & NHS Road Incident Responder and can join NHS Application Team or NHS Training Department. Surgeons have to complete 2 hours a month to sustain their Rank as they get perks when there're off-duty. An off-duty Surgeon can use the defibrillator on patients once any on-duty medics are more than 1 KM (1 click) away.
  • Doctor (DR): The Laurel wreath styled crown with no other additions symbolizes the Doctor rank. Doctors can also join both NHS Air Rescue, NHS Road Incident Responder and can join NHS Application Team or NHS Training Department. Doctors also have to complete 2 hours a month to sustain their Rank as they get perks when there're off-duty. An off-duty doctor can use the defibrillator on patients once any on-duty medics are more than 1 KM (1 click) away and they also buy the defibrillators at a 50% discount from the hospital. Doctors in the Seniors department have no activity requirement.
  • Consultant (CST): The Laurel Wreath followed up with a Crown above it. Consultants are the back bone of the NHS handling all the administrative work, their job ensures the efficient running of all the Departments and branches. The CST`s achieve this by dividing the work load which is done by appointing Heads and Deputies, such roles are given out by the CMOs. Consultants deal with internal issues within the Faction. When a CST resigns they join the Seniors department where they will stay a doctor with no activity requirement to keep their rank.
  • NHS Admin: The Laurel Wreath followed up with a pip above it. The NHS Admins act as a support to the x3 CMO's in the strategic management side of the faction. They are staff members, normally level 4 or above. They are not involved in day to day management but instead help to bridge the gap between the faction leaders and the staff team; from dealing with rule changes and server wide NHS issues, to handing out the ingame NHS financial rewards. Chief Medical Officers have the final say on all matters in the NHS however the NHS Admins are often called upon for advice and guidance.
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO): A Pip above the Laurel Wreath with a Crown on top. The Chief Medical Officer`s job is to monitor the daily running of the National Health Service their involvement makes sure of a smooth operation. Chief Medical Officers have the final say on all matters in the NHS they also handle relations with the other factions. (Altis Police Service, The Poseidon Cartel). When a CMO resigns they join the Seniors department where they will stay a doctor with no activity requirement to keep their rank.
Training Ranks NHS Ranks NHS Command
Student First Aider Paramedic Surgeon Doctor Consultant NHS Admin Chief Medical Officer
FA Badge.png
PAR Badge.png
SUR Badge.png
DR Badge.png
CST Badge.png
NHS Admin badge.png
CMO Badge.png
Pay Packet £1,825 £2,016 £2,343 £2,841 £3,545 £4,493 £5,720 £7,261
Pay Packet (Understaffed) £2,737 £3,025 £3,515 £4,261 £5,318 £6,739 £8,579 £10,892

**You are expected to patrol for a minimum of 2 hours a month in order to keep your ranks.

Recruitment Process


Firstly, you will need to apply by filling out an Application Form. Ensure that your application is as detailed as possible and meets the quality standards. After submitting your application, a member of the Application Team (completely made up of volunteers) will respond to you via private message on the RPUK Forums providing you with the result of your application. Don’t worry if you get declined, you can re-apply within 48 hours, or after the given time-frame given in the application response sent to you.


If you pass the application stage, you’ll be invited to an NHS interview. There are 2 outcomes of an Interview - Fail, or Pass. After passing your interview you’ll be welcomed into the NHS and join the Training Department.

Initial Training

You begin your field training as a Student - this means that you’ll be allowed to go out on patrol with other NHS Medics to gain some experience, learn the job and be taught some useful skills. When you’re experienced enough, you’ll be able to go out on your own, you’ll receive your first promotion to First Aider, and with this you’ll get a few more vehicles, a nice shiny badge and you’ll be able to patrol without supervision and even supervise Students yourself!

After your first MTO+ patrol, you may patrol with any First Aider (FA) or above.

Departments & Branches

The 3 main Departments Logo's

Organisational Departments

All members of the NHS are divided into 5 Departments: Training, November, Hector, Sierra and Seniors.

These departments help the CSTs and CMOs manage the membership administration, promotions and deal with any issues.

Training Department

The Training department is home to all the newly recruited Students and the Training Officers (MTO).

Once a Student is promoted to First Aider they will be assigned to another Department.

November, Hector and Sierra Departments

November, Hector and Sierra are the home to the bulk of all medics who are between the ranks of First Aider and Doctor

Medics in these departments are managed by the two Consultants assigned to lead them.

Seniors Department

Seniors is where people who have made considerable contributions towards the NHS through holding a Command Position are allowed to stay after they retire from their responsibility.

All members in this department are Doctors, there is no activity requirement and it is managed directly by the CMOs.

Branches & Responsibilities

Once you reach the rank of Paramedic you have many options available to you.

At Paramedic you can either be AR or EIR alongside being a Training Officer or App Team Member.

At Surgeon you can be both AR and EIR.

Click on a branch or role to visit their page

Air Rescue (AR)

Air Rescue have M900/MH-9 and the option to be Taru Trained.

Becoming part of Air Rescue requires passing an entry test given by an Air Marshall.

Emergency Incident Responders (EIR)

EIR Members have access to Hatchback Sport, Jeep and Offroad Covered.

To join the branch you must pass an entry test given by an Emergency Training Instructor.

Training Officers (MTO)

Training Officer's are responsible for the induction and training of new NHS members so that they can become more confident and can become prepared for the next rank, they can also answer your questions!

Application Team (AT)

App Team members are responsible for the forum aspects of our recruitment process.


Le Trinite Hospital

NHS Vehicles

Standard NHS Vehicles

Air Rescue Vehicles

NHS MD 4WD.jpg

Road Incident Responder Vehicles

Medical Equipment

Civilian Purchasable Equipment

Item Item Type Cost Purpose How to use Where to Purchase
Bloodbag Virtual £450 Allows the user to replenish a 'Downed' players blood, thus extending their Bleed out timer. Buy from Hospital - Crouch near 'Downed' player - Press Windows Key - 'Blood Transfusion' Wellys Pharmacy In the Hospital
Stretcher Virtual £300 Allows the User to Drag and Move 'Downed' players and also place them within vehicles. Buy from Hospital - Crouch near 'Downed' player - Press Windows Key - 'Drag Player' Wellys Pharmacy In the Hospital
Defibrillator Virtual £2000 Allows the user to Revive 'Downed' players

(When no medics are online, or only 1 Medic is online and 1km+ away)

(Unless the user is an off-duty SUR/DR at the hospital with no medics within 1km, where they can be used with any amount of medics online)

Buy from Hospital - Crouch near 'Downed' player - Press Windows Key - 'Revive Player' Wellys Pharmacy In the Hospital
First Aid Kit Virtual £25 Heals the user to 100% Health, however unlike Morphine it has an animation during its use. When injured a scroll wheel option will appear called 'Treat Yourself' hit Spacebar / enter

When using on others option will appear as 'Treat Civillian XYZ'

Wellys Pharmacy

Fuel Stations

Azder's Super Market

Rebel Weapon Shops

Ibuprofen Virtual £10 Ibuprofen slowly heals the user from 70% to 100%. Purchase the Ibuprofen - Press Y to open the Tablet - Select "Ibuprofen" - Select "Use" Wellys Pharmacy

Azder's Super Market

Fuel Stations

Rebel Weapon Shops

NHS Accessible Equipment

Item Item Type Cost Purpose How to Use
Medikit Virtual £0 Allows Medical Staff to Revive and Drag 'Downed' players Crouch near 'Downed' player - Press Windows Key - Select 'Revive Player'
Morphine Virtual £0 Allows user to instantly heal themselves to 100% Health Press Y to Open the Tablet - Select the 'Morphine' - Select 'Use'
Epinephrine Virtual £0 Epinephrine allows you to carry more for a short amount of time upon usage - Also phenomenal for allergic reactions that definitely, absolutely do exist on the island of Altis. Press Y to Open the Tablet - Select the 'Epinephrine' - Select 'Use'
Lollipop Virtual £0 Edible item that is coated in wonderous drugs that treat anything from the common cold to amputations Press Y to Open the Tablet - Select the 'Lollipop' - Select 'Use'
Breathalyzer Virtual £0 Allows the medical staff to check if a player is intoxicated with alcohol or drugs Ensure you are positioned closely and looking at your patients face.

Press Y to Open the Tablet - Select the 'Breathalyzer' - Select 'Use'

NHS Clothing

The Air Rescue uniform is a Bright Red Overall worn by NHS members who are currently taking part in an Air Patrol and utilising the multitude of Helicopters available to the NHS.

Air Rescue Tier 3 pilots have access to the technologically advanced 'Full NVG Helmet'. This allows the pilot to have a fullscreen night vision view rather than the standard restricted view. These are restricted items and are not distributed to those who don't have access, this includes Civilians.

The Emergency Incident Responders proudly show off their Yellow Hi-Vis vests when on patrol. This allows other road users to clearly spot a Road side Incident and slow down before they too, are involved with the Road Traffic Collision.

All members of the NHS gain access to the HAZMAT gear for responding to radioactive or other hazardous situations.

Normal Patrol


Air Rescue Patrol


Air Rescue

(Tier 3 Pilot)

Emergency Incident

Responder Gear


Rescue Gear

HAZMAT Protection Gear Parade Uniform
Description Standard issue uniform

Any choice of hat

and glasses

Air Rescue Suit

Optional Pilot's Helmet

(for Air Res members)

Air Rescue Suit

Fullscreen NVG Helmet

(Taru Trained+ Pilots)

Normal Patrol Uniform

Choice of hard hat

Yellow EIR vest

Diving Suit


Diving Goggles

HAZMAT Protection Suit

Respirator Mask

Parade Uniform

utilised for special

events with CMO+ authorization


The Altis National Health Service was established on the 14th February 2014, as a method of providing aid and medical help to the citizens of Altis.
The Altis National Health Service moved to Malden the 17th of July 2021 after the citizens of Altis all vacated the island to the beautiful new island of Malden, thus becoming the Malden National Health Service.

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