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The People of Altis have the choice to join a faction (a small organized dissenting group within a larger one) these factions have very different aspects and pursue a certain career path . These are Civilian, National Health service, Altis Police Service and The Poseidon Cartel. To join the latter 3 you must apply. The Factions occupy the the 4 factions on the server which are Civilian, CSAT, NATO and Independent. Civilians occupy the Civilian Slot, this is purple. The Altis Police Service occupy the NATO slot which is Blue, the National Health Service occupy the Green, Independent slot and finally, The Poseidon Cartel occupy the Red, CSAT slots. Attempting to join one of these slots when not following the respective Recruitment process will result in your connection attempt being rejected. Anyone is able to play as Civilian without a need to apply. You must be 16 or older to join a Whitelisted Faction!

Faction Overviews:

Civilian - The people who make Altis what it is, the highs the lows.

National Health Service - The National Health Service (NHS) is made up of hundreds of well trained, high quality, and friendly Medics whom work day and night to ensure those that need medical care receive it. Working long hours on fairly good wages, our Medics are some of the happiest workers on the island of Altis, knowing that they are in a safe and secure job environment, where they cannot be harmed, and are warmly welcomed by others.

Altis Police Service - The Altis Police Service (APS), formerly known as the Altis Police Constabulary (APC) is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement on Altis, covering an area of 270 km2 with around 230 officers.

The Poseidon Cartel - The Poseidon Cartel, formed by the brothers Poseidon with the three families of Atlas, Orion and Triton as the Poseidon Cartel is responsible for the narcotics trade on Altis, covering an area of approximately 120 km2 with unknown numbers of active associates.

Application Links:

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NHS Application - [CLICK HERE]

Police Application - [CLICK HERE]

Poseidon Application - [CLICK HERE]