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The Poseidon Cartel has a border pass system. There are three different passes that are able to be brought. These are Visitor, Trader and Military. These different passes come at different prices and offer different benefits. Poseidon has this border pass system to enable us to be funded by you the people. With this funding we offer a variety of different perks

Border Pass Benefits

Border Passes will last for the remainder of the restart they were purchased they do NOT carry over to the next restart Example: If any of the Border Passes was bought two hours into a restart it would then only be valid for the remaining two hours before you have to repeat the process and buy another one come the next restart.

Benefit Visitor Trader Military
Access to Poseidon land x x x
Access to Rebel outpost and Advanced weapons x
Buy weapons x
Collect and Process trade goods (legal) x x
Collect and Process trade goods (Illegal) x x
Collect and Process Poseidon Drugs. x x
Poseidon Drug Dealer. x x

You may openly carry weapons, However, You may not carry weapons when near within Poseidon key areas (Checkpoints, Base and Pyrgos town)

Visitors Pass

The Visitors Pass is currently priced at £25,000 and with this pass civilians will gain Protection from the Poseidon Cartel civilians will also have the benefit of having access to the Poseidon Lands.

Traders Pass

The Traders Pass is currently priced at £50,000 civilians get the same benefits listed above however they can now do ANY form of business in the Poseidon Lands, for example civilians can Collect and Process trade legal/illegal goods and they will also be able to Collect and Process Poseidon Drugs to finally include having access to the Poseidon Drug Dealers.

Military Pass

The Military Pass is currently priced at £75,000 civilians get the same benefits listed above however they now have access to Rebel outpost and Advanced weapons. This pass gives the ability to purchase weapons anywhere in Poseidon territory.

Buying a Pass

Civilians can buy "ALL THREE" border passes from the following locations:

  • Poseidon Offices
  • South Sentry Checkpoint
  • North Sentry Checkpoint

Civilians do NOT need to buy all three passes only buy the pass relevant to your activity in the Poseidon Lands!

Consequences of not buying a pass

There is no official procedure Poseidon has when processing a civilian, its usually up to the Poseidon Cartel Member who is processing them at that specific moment in time, some cartel members take bribes to look another way and others will choose a different approach this will change depending on the both the situation and the person processing them, however by not having the correct border pass they would have violated the following laws:

Border Control Code
BC 1.3 - Those found inside the territory and who do not have a valid Border Pass are deemed as trespassers and are to be detained and deported.

Even though this is the law they have violated by not having the relevant border pass, it again depends on the situation and member of the cartel that is processing the civilian. Its highly recommended that civilians buy a border pass as they could possibly avoid many potential hostile situations, and this could make their visit in the Poseidon Lands less of a hassle and more profitable in almost every way.