NHS Training Department

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Training Department
NHS MTO logo.png
Department Information
Average Staff 7-10
Operations HQ Kavala Hospital
Ingame Whitelisting JTO / MTO / STO / ATO / TL
Training Lead (HMTO)
  • CST. Saccar
Deputy Training Lead (DMTO)
  • CST. Proxeum
Advanced Training Officers
  • TBA
  • TBA
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The NHS Training Department (MTO's) are those responsible for the Training and Induction of new Students to the National Health Service (NHS); they are the main guides for any new Students entering the service. As a group, Training Officers must work together, ensuring that any new members of the NHS are confident with their duty, and that they are settling in comfortably.

Training Officer's are NHS Staff and as such may submit many detailed verbal and written feedbacks after patrols which highlight the strengths and improvements of our medics. Any rank can request a feedback patrol and gain valuable tips and support on how to further their NHS career and roleplay.

Additionally, they are here to take anybody who is interested in a Ride-along. To request a Ride-along, simply ask a Training Officer. They help make sure medics are following the rules and regulations there are in the NHS. These medics set an example to other members of the NHS and should behave accordingly. They should be the first choice for people to go to when they need help within the NHS. 

You can apply here.

Ranking Structure

You must be PAR+ to apply to become a Training Officer - if accepted you will continue to progress through the normal NHS ranking structure under the Training Department rather than your previous NHS department.

Training Officer's have their own whitelisting in-game and can be recognised by their title underneath their name. They also receive an increased paycheck as a thanks for you their service.

Rank Description of Duty
Head Medical Training Officer (HMTO) These consultants are assigned to overlook all the operations and management of the department.

They have responsibility for all the Training Officers and the Students within and decide Student promotions to First Aider, promotions in the departments internal structure and promotions of MTOs in the normal NHS ranks

Deputy Medical Training Officer (DMTO)
Advanced Training Officer (ATO) ATO's have completed their interview training and have proven themselves competent to handle situations and helping train and induct new Junior Training Officers.
Senior Training Officer (STO) Have shown a lot of dedication and have proven that they are capable of understanding their responsibilities. STO's can assist Trainee MTO's and are able to start their interview training.

STO's can recommend STU's to be field promoted.

Medical Training Officer (MTO) Responsible for the training and inductions for the Students within the NHS. They patrol with STU,s and FA's and provide feedbacks on how to improve which is vital when being considered for promotion.

MTO's can also take out ridealongs for those who want to experiane the NHS first hand and can observe interviews.

Junior Training Officer (JTO) These are new members of the Training Department and are being shown the reigns of the branch and are currently in training to be a full MTO. They are able to conduct feedbacks.