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Roleplay UK is based around the popular game-mode called Altis Life. All of your standard ARMA 3 controls work as per normal and can be set in the Arma 3 Controls menu (Settings -> Controls).

Roleplay UK also has its own custom controls that are used to perform various functions within Altis Life that aren't usually available in Arma 3 which are explained below:

RPUK Custom Controls

All the below keys are bound automatically upon joining the server and don't require any input from yourself to get them to work!

RPUK Controls List
Key / Button Description
Y This opens the government issued tablet (virtual inventory) - See below for more info!
Shift + H Allows you to Holster your currently equipped weapon
Ctrl+H Allows you to draw your currently equipped weapon
Shift + G While you have a weapon drawn, allows you to smack someone across the head and knock them out.
Shift + J Raises your hands behind your head and surrender yourself
Shift + P Put in your ear plugs to soften all other sounds apart from other people's communications
Shift + Ctrl + P Put in your ear plugs even further which almost silences every other sound apart from communications
Shift + R Allows you to restrain someone who is surrendering or knocked out if you have zipties.
U Triggers your tablets keychain to unlock/lock any vehicle it's registered to in a small radius around you.
Windows Key Allows you to gather various materials across the island, as well as opening up your context sensitive menu
1 Opens up the Animation Menu
2 Shortcut to open up the RPUK Mobile Phone
3 Shortcut to open the RPUK Skill Tree
6 Shortcut to Open the Settings Menu

RPUK Tablet

RPUK Tablet

The Roleplay UK Tablet system is the main way of interacting with yourself and others across Altis and displays a variety of information in different menus.

At the top left area of the tablet you can see the current money you have stored in your Bank account, represented by the building icon. Directly underneath this you can see the money you currently have on hand represented by the bundle of cash! Be aware though, anything you have in your hand could be stolen from you or will fall on the floor if you are killed!!

Some shops will accept money via bank transfer and will not require you to have it on hand, other shops will require you to physically bring them the money before a sale can be made.

Underneath your money on hand there's a section to transfer money to other players. Simply type in the amount you wish to transfer, select the drop down and click their name - Be aware that they need to be close to you to allow a transfer!! To send money over long distances you can use any of the ATM's across Altis however they will charge you a small fee.

Next up you have your current Prestige Level. These can be gained by mastering a Profession to the level of 1000 which will then allow you various benefits and access to the Prestige club in Kavala.

Under the Prestige level you can see your current Unspent Skill Points and how close you are to gaining your next skill! These points can be earned by carrying out various activities, such as gathering Apples or Mining Ores. Once you reach 100 points you will gain 1 skill point which can be spent in the Skills menu. You can spend a maximum of 18 points so choose wisely!

In the middle of your tablet you have the list of current Licenses that you own. Different licenses can be bought at different places, the DVLA sells the main licenses for driving, flying, house ownership and the ability to own a legal firearm. Licenses to process goods can be bought at the relevant processor.

To the right hand side you have the current list of items you are carrying as well as the maximum weight that you are able to carry. To increase your weight carried there are various skills you can obtain or you can buy certain clothing items such as backpacks to give you more storage space. Below the main list of items there's another section that allows you to transfer items to another player, simply click the item you wish to transfer, type in the box how many you want to give them and select the name from the drop down menu and press "Give".

You can also remove items and throw them away entirely by selecting the item, typing in the amount you wish to remove and clicking the "remove" item. This action can't be undone so be careful!

Finally, to eat food and drink drinks then you can just click the item and hit the Use button as well as various other usable items such as lockpicks or boltcutters.

There are 2 additional options in the bottom section, Sync Data and Fix Uniform.

Sync Data allows you to perform a manual save to the servers to ensure you data is up-to-date. It's recommended to do this before you logout or before a restart. These can only be triggered every 5 minutes

Fix Uniform allows you to manually re-sync your uniform in-case Arma bugs out and you appear to be "naked" to everyone else.

At the bottom of the tablet there are various other buttons that allow you to access other menus:


Settings Menu

From the settings menu you are able to access the ability to change your maximum view distance (Note this is capped by your video settings) and set them at customised levels for each vehicle and if you are on foot to ensure the best frame rates possible.

Within the settings menu you can also enable and disable various options:

  • Player Tags - This allows you to toggle on/off the ability to see player names above their heads.
  • Sidechat Settings - This allows you to toggle on/off the ability to see the sidechat
  • RPUK Hud - This allows you to toggle on/off the custom RPUK Hud that display your Heath, Food and Water status as well as tooltips and notifications
  • Low Detail Mode - To help with frame-rates this option allows you to enable and disable grass across Altis
  • Environment Mode - Also to help with frame-rates this option allows you to enable and disable the ability to see ambient animals and fish across Altis
  • Hide Backup - This allows you to hide you backpack locally (so only you see this!) if you want to see you uniform or maybe to take cool screenshots!
  • Prestige Pop-Up - This allows you to toggle the ability to see the Prestige option when you hit level 1000 in a Profession
  • Message Pop-Up - This allows you to toggle the ability to see messages in the top right of your screen when you get a text in the phone
  • ARAC/Taxi Messages - This allows you to toggle the ability to receive ARAC or Taxi dispatches


RPUK Groups Menu

The groups menu allows you to create your own personal group in which you can invite your friends, promote them up the ranks and become a known name across the island!

To create a group click the "Create" button that'll show up in the bottom left corner, select the type of group you wish to make and select a name. Note that names are first come first served and are unique to each gang.

One you've made a group or joined one and worked your way up the ranks you'll be able to invite other members to your group. To do this, the other player must not be in a group at all, you can search for their name at the very top or look under the "Un-grouped Players" section. Simply click on their name in this list and hit the "Invite Player" option that will show up at the bottom.

To accept and invite simply open up the Groups menu, locate the gang in the list, select it and click "Accept Invite".

Groups are also able to ally with other groups which gives them the ability to see each other on the map if they have a GPS equipped and the relevant skill. Any group leader (level 3 or higher) can ally with another group which will show all your members to them, the other group will then need to ally back to you. To carry this out, simply find the group in the list, select it and select the "Ally" option.

To promote a member you must be a level 3 or 4 member yourself. To promote someone else search or find their name in the list, select them and hit the "promote member" button, then select the new level and confirm the change. This is the same way to demote someone. Be aware: You can promote and demote anyone up to your level or from your level below. Be careful when promoting people and ensure you trust them as they could demote you back!

To kick a member simply find their name in the list and click "Kick member" this will instantly remove them and they'll require an invite to re-join.

To leave a gang then simply click on the gang name that you belong to and hit "Leave group".

Any level 4 member will have the ability to disband the gang by clicking the gang name and pressing the disband gang option. They must be the only level 4 member left in the gang and this will instantly remove everyone, remove access to any Group Properties and release the name for anyone else to use.


RPUK Keychain

The keychain menu allows you to view and interact with all the keys that you are currently in possession of. You can own keys to either Vehicles, Houses or Group Properties. You are able to give keys out to other players by clicking on the key you wish to give out and then selecting the persons names in the bottom box. They must be close for this to work. Once they are given keys they can also share it with other players so be careful!

Vehicle keys are automatically given to you when you retrieve a vehicle from the garage. House and Group property keys are given to you automatically as soon as you spawn in. Group property keys can be identified by their orange colour whereas personal keys are always in white.

  • Give to nearby group members to the keychain - Will give vehicle keys to all members of your group within 20m.
  • Give to nearby faction members to the keychain - Same as above, but for whitelisted factions.
  • Refresh player list button to keychain - Allows you to re-scan the area for players to give keys to.

If you have a key you no longer want you can just double click it to throw it away. Be careful as this cannot be undone, however it is not permanent and will be given back next time you retrieve the vehicle or spawn in again.

RPUK Mobile

RPUK Mobile

The Mobile system allows you to contact the Police, NHS, ARAC Repair,Taxi Service and Poseidon as well as other players that are on the island. To contact someone simply select the relevant person or entity on the left and click send message at the bottom. Type your message on the right hand side and hit send and off it goes!

Any messages you receive will show up in the mobile on the right hand side listing the senders name and their message. Inbound messages will also have a small pop-up window at the top right of the screen and a text alert sound to notify you.

RPUK Market

Live Market

The Market tab allows you to see the most accurate and up-to-date values for every time you can find on Altis. This allows you to plan the best runs to do and the best time to buy or sell. You can search for items in the left hand list in alphabetical order. To see the details just click on it and the current Sell and Buy Prices will be shown on the right hand side.


Skills Tree

The Skills menu allows you to check what skills you can get and learn them all in one place. You are able to learn a maximum of 18 skills at any one time across the list so make sure to choose wisely! Selecting the skill on the left hand side will display information such as; What the skill actually does, If the skill has any prerequisites and if you know the skill or not.

Some skills you get will also grant you certain abilities which include things such as a free repair every 30 minutes, to activate these abilities you can select the "abilities" option at the bottom of the screen and then select the one you wish to activate.

If you wish to change what skills you know you have the option to "Respec". By selecting this option all your skills will be reset, as a penalty you will lose 33% of your total points. These can be re-earned back however!


Profession System

The Profession menu allows you to see how proficient you are in each of the available runs across Altis. Every time you complete a run by selling the end product you'll gain Profession XP towards that run which decreases the time it'll take you to process that item.

On the left you can select what profession you wish to check which will then display the current level in the middle of the screen. To the right you can see your current XP Points, how many points you need to level up to the next level and how many points you still need to get to achieve that target.

Reaching level 1000 in any profession will give you the opportunity to prestige.


RPUK properties.png

The Properties menu allows you to view various information about any owned houses or group properties. You can check how many days of rent you still have left, if the property is considered "multi owned", if its up for sale and what the current upgrade level is.

You can also access various options such as hiding the marker on the map or viewing the houses CCTV if you have the relevant upgrades.

You can identify the difference between personal and group properties and the group ones will always be displayed in orange.