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The Medics listed below are those who run the Branch's/Departments. They are very experienced and have shown a lot of dedication towards the NHS. Its not easy to get one of these positions and only a select few get chosen for them. However, some hard graft and endurance could, one day, see your name being here.

Chief Medical Officers (CMO)

Current Chief Medical Officers
CMO. Jeffrey CMO. Louie Austino CMO. Phoenix

Consultants (CST)

Department: November Hector Sierra Training


CST. Mike Polo


CST. Jordan Good


CST. Stubley

CST. Warwick

CST. Joe Cracker

CST. Saccar

Training Department Command (MTO)

Head Medical Training Officer (HMTO) CST. Joe Cracker
Deputy Medical Training Officer (DMTO) CST. Saccar
Senior Medical Training Officer (SMTO) DR. James Johnson

SUR. Maverick Delta

Application Team Command (AT)

Head of Application Team (HAT) CST. Mike Polo
Deputy of Application Team (DAT) TBA
Senior Members (SAT) SUR. Roger Smith

SUR. Bob Wilkinson

Air Rescue Command (AR)

Chief Air Marshal (CAM) CST. Stubley
Deputy Air Marshal (DAM) DR. Charles Vane

CST. Warwick

Air Vice Marshal (AVM) DR. EemilSUR. Scott Weiland


Road Incident Responder Command (RIR)

Chief Road Incident Responder (CRIR) CST. Jordan Good
Deputy Road Incident Responder (DRIR) TBA
Road Incident Coach (RIC) SUR. Nik KadenTBA

NHS Wiki Editors

NHS Wiki Supervisor CMO. Louie Austino
NHS Wiki Writer CST. Mike Polo
NHS Wiki Writer SUR. Roger Smith
NHS Wiki Writer CST. JordaN GooD