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VKs Bits & Bobs (Named General Store on your map) is run by a local group who sells all things Hardware, hence their old name “Hardware Store”.  They re-named their stores after thinking that “Hardware Store” was just a bit to plain and boring and decided that they should name it after their favourite streamer in an attempt to make him turn up and do the chicken dance for them.

They currently stock the following items:

VK's Bits & Bobs Shop Front in Kavala
Item Price Description
Binoculars £150 So you can spy on that girl next door
GPS £100 Comes with the island map pre-installed and acts a tracker to those skilled enough
Compass £50 So you know which way to go when you’re inevitably told “Shots from the south"
Watch £10 So you can check the time, just incase you don"t know why it went dark all of a sudden
Map £1 Subsidised by the Altis Government, sold so you still know where you're going
Toolkit £250 For those times when your wheels just decide to "fall off and roll away"
First Aid Kit £250 A magic kit that allows you., with 0 medical training, to patch up bullet wounds
NV Goggles (Brown) £2,000 When everything goes black, you can go green.

To purchase from this shop you must have cash on you as these shops don't accept credit cards.

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