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Getting Started

Configuring your Character

*Scroll down for information on configuring voice chat - or click here for FAQ's*

Now that you’ve installed FiveM and have connected to the server you will have the option to setup your first character. Here you will have plenty of options for customisation and personalisation through your clothing, full name, age and backstory.

The character you are creating here will be the first out of a total 3 characters you can have. These will all have different backstories and lives, completely separate and independent from each other in name, job and bank account.

You are now ready to go and explore the streets of Los Santos, but before you do that make sure to read the rules. This is important to ensure the best experience for everyone on the server, including you.

Initial Interactions

You will now be stranded somewhere within Los Santos, so what’s next? Start off by getting yourself a ride! You can either call a taxi (using your in-game mobile phone accessible by pressing F2) or use one of the many Boris Bikes scattered around the city.

The majority of the population, and so many roleplay interactions, revolve around some key locations on your map - the main one being Legion Square.

Situated in between Mission Row Police Station and Pillbox Hospital is a large square with benches, trees, shops and a garage. You can almost always find someone to talk to, ask a question to, or go on an adventure with from here - many friendships are founded from this part of the city.

The police station to the East of the square is worth making a note of, you can go here to report a crime - alternatively you have the emergency messaging on your F2 phone. The Hospital to the North is also worth remembering for when you or a friend require some medical assistance

On your F2 phone there are several apps you can choose from. It's definitely worth creating a Twitter account so you can interact with other players in roleplay, you can also get people's phone number and built up your contacts, or why not browse 9gag while collecting or processing on a run.

Earn your first few quid

So you have established yourself on the island and are now looking for what the next step in your journey is. Time to make some money!

Here you have a couple of options starting off: you could make your way to one of the fruit field located close to Los Santos where you can pick fruit to later sell to one of the player owned stores or player owned restaurants located around the island.

Alternatively, you can choose to spend a decent chunk of what you have in your bank account for a taxi license from the LS City Hall, if you’re not one for labour-intensive jobs. With a taxi license in your wallet, you can now start driving people around Los Santos for fair pay, both locals through AI missions but also players requesting rides. More information on Taxi driving here.

Get your own car

Now you’ve earned some money and you’re fed up of stealing cars. There are lots of tempting things to spend that money on, one of them being a car of your own.

These can be bought from the many Dealerships all around San Andreas. But before you get ahead of ourselves it is time to get yourself a Drivers License from City Hall. For a big variety of vehicles and reasonable prices, you might want to give the Premium Deluxe Motorsport a visit(marked with a white car icon). For more exclusive vehicles it might be worth paying a player-owned dealership a visit (marked with a yellow car icon).

When you now have your new car the next stop is LS Customs (black spray paint icon). There you will find more customisation options than you could ever need, but it comes with a price.

Up your earnings

So you now know your way around, you’ve made some money and bought a car. What now? Well more money of course! It’s time to step your game up. There is a long list of opportunities available to you on San Andreas with some of them being:

Not all of these can be turned into Wiki pages since many of them are unique to your roleplay and people you encounter.

Create your Story

But at the end of the day, the amount of money and number of cars you have is not what makes GTA RP. No, it is the adventures, the characters and the stories.

So it is now your time to go out into the world and begin your story, get to know people, and maybe most important, get to know yourself and your own character!

Help and Support

Game Issues

Many game issues can usually be fixed by a quick Game Restart, You may face issues from disconnecting without quitting from the game.

Clear Game Cache

If you are still having issues you can try removing FiveM Cache. To do this:

1) Close FiveM

2) C:\Users\**YOUR USER ACCOUNT**\AppData\Local\FiveM\

3) Delete the folder called cache

4) Start FiveM & let it update

Alternatively / If that fails Google can be a lot of help or popping a message in Discord #gta-fivem-roleplay to see if a member of the community are able to assist.

Configure Voice Chat

GTA Voice Settings.jpg

In order to hear people you need to ensure that Voice Chat is set up properly.

ESC > Settings > Voice Chat

Make sure 'Voice Chat' and 'Microphone' is Enabled, the Output and Input Device is correct and the Volume's are High enough. (If your game crashes on setting changes, try in SinglePlayer)

Key Binds:

Press G to Change Voice Range (Displayed in Top Left). (Whisper, Normal, Shouting).

Press N for Push to Talk (Can be changed in ESC > Settings > Key Bindings > GTA Online)

Vehicles Issues

Unlocking Cars

Sometimes the Vehicle will 'Unlock' but you are still unable to enter it. Try the following:

Toggle between 'Locked' and 'Unlocked' Slowly waiting around 10 seconds between each press.

Missing Cars

If you have lost your vehicle (not returned it to a garage) then you can retrieve it at the Vehicle Impound. The Vehicle should then return to the UPPER Legion Garage.

Vehicle Impound

Alternatively, it could have been Impounded by the Police, this is next door to the Vehicle Impound, The Vehicle will be retrieved from the Impound and parked in one of the Spaces.

Police Impound

If you are still unable to locate your vehicle post a single message on Discord in #help, Stating that you have lost your vehicle on FiveM, With the Vehicle Plate if possible. If you don't have it your Character name will be required. Note: Will be difficult if you own a lot of vehicles.