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How to Become a Mechanic

Vehicle Impound

A Mechanic is one of the Few jobs you can become to make some money. You can go ahead and collect vehicles and take them to the impound yard. Or you can respond to requests and messages to assist civilians in need of a small tire change or someone in need of a tow back to a local garage.

Impound Map Location

To become a Mechanic you will be required to own a Mechanic/Impound Licence, this can be purchased from City Hall. Once you have the License you can head to the Vehicle Impound lot located on Innocence Boulevard.

Going On Duty and Benifits

Once you have the License you need to head into the impound and head over to the right hand side where you will have the option to Go On Duty (Yellow Marker). Once you are on duty you will gain access to the Mechanic Abilities.

You will now be able to get a Tow Truck or a Flatbed, More information Below.

You also gain access to a tool to break a vehicle lock to gain access to a vehicle, so you are able to stick it on the tow truck.

As a Mechanic you can take Phone calls to go and help stranded civillians or take a contract to collect a vehicle, take it to the impound and 'impound' it. (In a Flatbed / Tow Truck CAPS > Take NPC Job)

If you are helping other civillians you can give them an invoice for the cost of the repairs and if necassary a tow back to safety.

To Impound a vehicle, take it underground at the impound yard, Look at the vehicle CAPS > Impound

Job Vehicles

Image Name Top Speed (MPH) How to use
Flatbed 81 Place the vehicle behind,

Look at the vehicle

CAPS > Flatbed Icon