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How to become a Taxi Driver

Taxi Depot

Being a Taxi Driver is one of the few jobs you can become in order to make some money. As a Taxi driver you are able to help out civilians by collecting them and delivering them to their desired location.


To become a Taxi Driver you will be required to own a Taxi License, this can be purchased from City Hall for £2,000. Once you have the License you can head to the Taxi Depot located on Tangerine Street south of the Diamond Casino & Resort

Going On Duty

To go on duty as a Taxi Driver, head into the Downtown Cab Co building, head into the room on the right hand side and Go On Duty. You can then go and buy a vehicle from the room on the far left hand side when looking at the front of the building. Once you have a vehicle you can respond to Taxi Requests on your phone or set yourself as available and drive around to find someone (F6 > Fare Charge). If you respond to Phone Requests, you just need to drive them to their desired location, then bill them for the taxi fare (F6 > Toggle NPC Jobs). If you chose to drive around, drive about until you find someone, then pull up beside them, jump out the Taxi so they jump in then drive to the location marked on the GPS. Once you arrive you will be paid depending on the distance.

Job Vehicles

Image Name
GTAVTaxi.png Taxi
RentalShuttleBus-GTAV.jpg Rental Shuttle Bus
Patriot Stretch
Airport Bus