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To start the mining run, you need to go to the mine first. The mineshaft is located in the middle of the map, and south of Fort Zancudo. It is also marked on the map, so you can easily find it in the legend. Make sure you get a mining drill from the general store before you arrive here. Upon entering the mineshaft, you will be able to find multiple places to mine your materials, the deeper you go, the more chance you have for valuable stuff. Go to an ore and stand on it, you will get a notification that you will be able to mine. Then press Left Alt in order to start mining. You can mine coal, iron, copper, gold and more. Once your inventory is full, head to your car and press Y to place the goods inside of your vehicle. Once the car is filled, you're good to go to the processor. Keep in mind that diamonds do not need processing.

Processing the minerals

Metal Smelting Factory

Once you're finished with filling your pockets with ores, you have to go to the metal smelting, which is also marked on the map, in the south east of the city. Head inside of the factory and to the large cauldron. Here you will find an area with floating text prompting you to press Left Alt to start smelting, this will open an inventory menu, at which point you can drag the finished product from the right side, to your inventory on the left to begin processing the material. Once done with all the processing you are able to use the materials in certain crafting recipes, or sell them to other players for a profit.

Selling the minerals

Selling minerals is done mainly through other players. Get yourself out there, whether it be using Tweedle, or getting involved with other groups of people and offer the materials to them for a price.


So you want to mine Iron? Well iron is harder to mine so you must have experience in the mine for that. As you mine starting at coal you can gain experience and learn how to mine iron. Be warned you can not be an amazing miner and smelter at the same time as you will forget how to smelt when mining. Maybe a friend can smelt and you split it.

So you want to make iron bars? Well iron bars are harder to make so you need experience in the forge. As you learn more, you can make more. However the more you smelt the more you forget how to mine. Maybe a friend can help mine.