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Starting The Run

Job posting board

In order to start a food delivery run, head to one of the food delivery markers on the map. There are 2 in Vespucci Cannals and 1 in the old Sandy Shores hotel at the beach line. Walk up to the billboard and you will be able to see the text "press E to checkout the job postings". Pressing E will show a new marker on the map and give you a timer on the bottom of your screen. Head to said marker as fast as possible. Once arriving on the scene, walk into the marker and deliver the food.

The times for the deliveries can vary between 9 seconds and 5 minutes. It depends on how far you will have to drive in order to deliver the food. The distances also vary between 100 m and 5 km. The distances are random and you can't choose which one you will get.

Job Vehicles

Picture Name Top speed (mp/h)
GuidosTakeOut.jpg Guidos take out TBA
NoodleExchange.jpg Noodle Exchange TBA
GrainOfTruth.jpg Grain of Truth TBA