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Chilli [9161]
Altis Poseidon Cartel
Rank Henchman in Atlas
Primary Unit Boat trained in Sea Dogs
Years Active 2020-2021
Los Santos Police Service
Rank Sergeant in Spec Ops
Primary Unit Comand in NPAS
Years Active 2020-Present
Los Santos NHS
Rank Technician
Years Active 2021-Present

Who am I?

I'm Chilli and I love Carlos Sainz.




I spent most of my active time as Poseidon. I spent 1 week as a associate and got "Cartel member of the month" 3 times in a row what got me quickly every week in succession to Soldier. Then the great Lockdown V1 came. I played a lot and became a Henchmen in Atlas. Eventually my play time fell again as I went back to work and I stepped down from Henchmen and 2 months later got kicked for inactivity. But things move on.


When I first returned to the server after my hiatus fromn the server I joined police. There I met Tommy J. A AR member who can not drive for shit and killed me 100 times. I only ever made it to PC.


I did shooty shooty robberies.



Mrs Skye Rose White

Mrs Skye Rose White came to the city as a Miss. With her medical knowledge she joined the NHS. In the NHS it only took 1 year (month) for her to get out of Emergency Care Assistance to Technician. She also met the love of her life who's name she can not disclose. With many deaths in her hand she would be great in Nam.

Miss Lucia Parker

The most derpy female in all of Los Santos who has an addiction to Ugg boots! Do not diss her ugg boots she may stab you. Nicknamed "Sleepy Queen" by her new friends the Marabunta she's ready to make the red people more red. Also she likes tacos.

Mx Elina Trap

Officer Trap a Sergeant in the Spec ops department as a NPAS Pilot Elina will chase you to the end of time. With many arrests and lots of sleeping Elina does a lot privately with her Ins Raymond.

Elina joined the Los Santos Police Service on 03/06/2020. Elina has done a lot in the force. She got to constable a week or 2 after joining. Then she went on a hiatus. After a few weeks as a frontline officer she left for traffic on 02/09/2020. She drove fast cars including the interceptor and done traffic stops regularly. Until 07/02/2021 when she joined Inspector Raymond Fowler in leading NPAS with great things coming to them shortly after.