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An overlook of the Kavala Drug Dealer

Kavala Drug Dealer

Near the hustle and bustle of the city of Kavala, there stands a lonely church on a hill. This once proud church, which was a national heritage site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Altis has fallen into disrepair. The religious flocks who once used to congregate there, from miles around have fled. Its heritage status gone. No tourist is advised to ever go there, well, not by the government anyway.

For the site is now infamous for drugs and other crime. those interested in making a quick buck, look no further. Many drug types are sold here and just about every known gang, cartel or group of criminal and even past paramilitary organisations are known to have links here. This means its easy to make money but its just as equally easy to lose it here too. A fair word to those who would dare seek to make profit here, there is no honour among criminals and as such they will happily rat you out for immunity from prosecution.

Poseidon Drug Dealer

The Poseidon Cartel has a drug dealer however, this drug dealer is not like other dealers. Poseidon's dealer does NOT have a set location, the Poseidon Drug dealer is not about "making a quick buck" like the other dealers you see round Altis, The Poseidon Drug dealer is where you make the "big bucks". Unlike the other dealers who foolishly sell at the same location, The Poseidon's Drug Dealer location changes at random to avoid discovery from the Altis Police Service more specifically from the National Crime Agency or SPECTRE.

You can sell all your High Quality Drugs at the Poseidon Drug dealer, and because the goods are high quality you will again be given very generous prices for the high quality drugs sold to the Poseidon drug dealer. You can easily find out where the Poseidon Drug Dealer is located by simply buying a Border Pass, if you are caught selling drugs without a "Trade Pass" you will be dealt with accordingly.

Prison Drug Dealer

Located inside the Police Prison (HMP Altis) is the Prison Dealer. This dealer only buys Spice which is made from the factory. He pays pretty well for the contraband however you have a harder job trying to fling your product over the prison walls!