HMP Altis

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Entrance of the Altis HMP

Altis' HMP, or Her Majesty's Prison, is located in the town of Neochori, just South of Lakka. It is currently the only official correctional facility used by the Altis Police Service to lock up criminals who have broken the Law.

Usually, the sentences imposed by Police officers have a duration of up to 45 years (minutes). During this time, inmates will have the possibility to work out, cut wood or pray in the church as well as interact with each other.

After serving their sentence, the now-reformed criminals will have the option to rent a quadbike just a few meters outside the main entrance of the Prison. Furthermore, anyone can attempt to break inmates out of Prison by interacting with the panel located outside the secondary entrance while brandishing a firearm, however a quick response of the Altis Police Service is to be expected.