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Browns Specialty Floaters Ltd in Kavala
Over looking Kavala bay from the Store

Wanting the sail the 7 seas or just escape Kavala by sea? Well you've come to the right page! There are currently 6 boat stores on the Island of Altis, not including Con Boat! The Main Dealership is situated within Kavala on its pier, located on the opposite side of the bay to the Altis Police Headquarters. Dealerships are usually located on piers around the island and despite having fuel pumps, they currently aren't in operation due to the current lack of revenue for Browns Floaters Ltd. In order to purchase vehicles from the Boat Store you must first purchase the Boat License from the DVLA.

The following vehicles are available for purchase at the dealerships:

Vehicle Price DLC
Water Scooter £3,000 Apex dlc.png
Rescue Boat £4,000
Motor Boat £40,000
RHIB £100,000 Apex dlc.png

If you have the Rebel Training licence you can also purchase the SDV for £1,500,000 from the Boat Stores.

This Shop is located in the Following towns:

  • Kavala
  • Agios Konstantinos
  • Agia Triada
  • Kape Katagidis
  • Pyrgos
  • Neochori