Athira Police

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Athira Police
Chief Superintendent
  • CSI Sneitost
  • SI Corrie Healy
  • SI OneShot
  • SI Tokjat
  • Phoenix

Athira Constabulary was founded in early March 2015. We were known as East Altis Constabulary untill it was changed to Athira around January 2020. They are well known for enjoying a real family spirit and have a solid reputation for maturity and focusing on high quality roleplay. They're serious about professionalism, but they’re also all about having fun. If you are looking for a long and enjoyable career the Athira is the Constabulary for you.

General Facts


Based out of Athira Police station, their area of responsibility is the East side of Altis and of course the town of Athira. Athira at most times, is usually a peaceful and quiet town, this is the way they want to keep it. Unfortunately there is a known meth-lab operating to the South-West of Athira Police Station which they routinely patrol and the diamond processing factory to the North that attracts a lot of armed robberies.


These are some fun events that are planned by officers of Athira, they occur every Friday night at 8pm. They will vary from Rubber Tag to Rallies, from Pub Quiz’s to Treasure Hunts and from Tanks blowing up each other to MILSIM’s. They can be anything, but they are there to be fun for the officers to enjoy and have a bit of a relax and take some stress away from the week to go and they just had.

The events team at Athira is a tight-knit group mainly consisting of INS+ who run events on a weekly basis to improve relations between members of the Constabulary. It is also a great way to let off steam and have some fun. The events range from Rally Races to Zeus missions and all provide an entertaining challenge at every turn. Prizes are also given out regularly to improve attendance. Due to our dedication and organisation, It could be said that the events team makes Athira stand out against all constabularies. As said earlier the team consists of mainly INS+ however anyone with an idea or mission file is more than welcome to run an event.

Who Should I Speak To If You Need Help?


The current representative for the Athira constabulary is Phoenix.

If you have any problems, concerns or and new ideas that you wish to bring up do not hesitate to use the REP fourm.