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The RBA Treasury or Royal Bank of Altis Treasury is located just East of Kore and West of Agios Dionysios. The Treasury holds a vault full of gold which slightly increases over time. This gold is worth around £200,000 making it very appealing to Rebel groups attempting to make some cash. These Gold bars can be sold at one of the Gold Buyers Located North of Aggelochori or North West of Sofia.

Robbing the Treasury

Robbing the Treasury is not an easy job, The Altis Police Service are required to protect the Treasury with everything they have. This usually means High numbers as you are unable to touch the Treasury unless there are 15 Police Officers on duty at the time.

In order to actually get into the Vault you will require a Blasting Charge which are required to be crafted or bought from another Islander.

There are 2 ways to get some Gold out of the Treasury

Guns Blazing

Going in Guns Blazing can sometimes be a very good way to a win, Although when done repeatedly is it frowned upon, it can make it very easy to hold the compound due to the Police Officers being caught by surprise and being unprepared. This can mean that the Officers are unable to get close enough to the compound to do any damage or alternatively could mean the officers can all rush the compound and take it off the criminals quickly.


Negotiating can be beneficial to the rebels as it allows them to break down as many doors as they need within the building giving them a higher chance when officers begin to move into the building.However. it does also allows officers to set up, locate individuals and move closer the the compound in case the situation does become hostile.

If you manage to complete some successful negotiations then you could get some Gold out without having to shoot a single officer. Occasionally individuals do come to complete some work on the building meaning they are required to transport the gold out of the treasury and into a safe location. These are often fraudulent attempts and are picked up on quickly. However, occasionally they area able to transport the gold away.

Blasting Charge

The blasting charge is required to blow the vault open. It's the only way into the vault and has a 1 time use only.

A Blasting charge has to be crafted, or bought of another Islander who has crafted one already.

To create a Blasting Charge you need to make a Computer, this can be done with:

  • 1 Copper
  • 1 Glass
  • 2 Silica
  • 1 Plastic sheet
  • 5 Aluminium

Take these to the Factory which is located West of Kore and North of AAN News, Once you have the Computer you will also need:

  • 3 Steel
  • 1 Industrial Code Breaker

Once you have everything you need to head to the Factory to the West of Kore to Craft the Charge

The Blasting Charge once placed will usually mean Kill on Sight for the Police, It's a silent way to say "Negotiations are off". However, in certain circumstances this will not be the case (Rule 8.1.4)

The Charge has a timer of 5 Minutes once placed. When it explodes the vault is open and the Gold can begin to be moved


(8.1) The treasury is where all the gold reserves of the island are kept, robbing this is a big operation and requires some well thought out tactics and plans. It is brilliant for roleplay and also combat and can be very rewarding. However, there are some strict rules.

(8.1.1) There needs to be at least 15 Police officers online, please check this before turning up. The vault is coded so it won’t open if there is less than 15 police online so it will be a waste of your time.

(8.1.2) Filling your vehicle up with gold bars from the treasury without going outside the building is considered exploiting (Punishment is a permanent ban)

(8.1.3) The Police will always send in or have on-site an unarmed negotiator who will make himself known. This is part of the treasury robbery process. You can either start roleplay with the negotiator or decline negotiations by asking him to leave. You cannot kill him - he must leave, and if killed it is bannable. You also may not kidnap the negotiator.

(8.1.4) When the blasting charge has been planted it is considered that any opportunity for negotiation is over. After this the police may try to storm the building with armed police. At this point any combat is not considered RDM. Once the gold is outside of the HM and there has been no combat for five minutes normal server rules apply.

(8.1.5) You may not write in sidechat that you are robbing the bank. This is your operation with the friends/group members that are there with you. You may not call for backup, only those on site at the beginning of the heist may take part. The Police may return after NLR timer is up however non-whitelisted civilians may not.

(8.1.6) Any police who we find have logged out on purpose to bring the number of police down to under 15 will be banned. If you need to log out during a known active bank operation,please inform a member of staff.