Agios Dionysios

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Agios Dionysios (abbr. Agios) is one of the biggest and most populated settlements on Altis. Various points of interest are located within the city, including the West Altis Police HQ. Symbol of the town is the stately church situated in the city centre.

To cope with the large numbers of inhabitants and tourists, the city hosts numerous very well known stores, including AZDER Supermaket, VKs Bits & Bobs, and Hugo Ross for clothing items. Given the size and the geographical importance of the city, there is also a garage located next to the church, to store motor vehicles and pull them out when needed, for free.

Many other services are also available within the the town: the DVLA, Agios Bank and Agios Fuel Station.

Agios is geographically well positioned as numerous other attractions and points of interest are situated nearby:

and many other farming and manufacturing factories.