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ARAC's Kavala HQ Compound with NHS Kavala in the background
An Example of an ARAC Employee

ARAC [formally known as the Altis Royal Automobile Club] are the islands mechanics. ARAC is headquartered in Kavala, with 3 Roadside garages which help them to operate and provide a full, effective service. One is situated near Lakka, another in Athira and one South of Rodopoli and Poseidon Lands. ARAC is a Licensed Job but has no Whitelisiting like the National Health Service or Altis Police Service. Rules regarding the ARAC Role can he found HERE. The ARAC are the servers breakdown service. It is a role to help people and role play a mechanic.

Starting off in the ARAC Business:

  • Before you can work your magic as a mechanic you need an ARAC license. This is brought from the ARAC Headquarters in Kavala. (There is a Cash point option on the tablet in the HQ to withdraw money).
  • Once Brought, you will be given Access the the ARAC Mechanics Shops and Spawn Point. (Only use this spawn point if you intend on patrolling as ARAC). The shops you are given access to are:
ARAC Stores
ARAC Market ARAC Clothing Mechanics Shop ARAC Vehicle Shop
Item Clothing Item Vehicle
RPG Tips Construction Overall [Black] Binoculars Offroad (Services)
Rabbit Meat Construction Overall [Blue] GPS Van (Services)
Red Bulldog Construction Overall [Vrana] Compass
Baked Beans Hats Watch
Marmite Headset [Yellow] Map
Pickaxe Vests Toolkit
Full Fuel Can Saftey Vest [Orange] First Aid Kit
Backpacks NV Goggles (Brown)
Messenger Bag [Grey]
  • Now you have access to the ARAC Stores you are going to need to buy the ARAC Clothing and an ARAC Skinned Vehicle.
  • Now you are wearing the Uniform and own an ARAC Vehicle, you will start to receive ARAC dispatches (however you must be within 50 Meters of said ARAC vehicle to receive ARAC dispatches) sent in by Civilians across the island. Make sure to respond to these so they know your about.
  • You may announce in the OOC Text Chat that you are On Duty. Do not spam though.
  • Make sure to stock up on Tool Kits so you can repair the vehicles.
  • To repair a vehicle, ensure you have a Toolkit on you, and press Windows key when near the Target Vehicle, and Select 'Repair Vehicle' this will induce the repair animation.
  • You do not have to charge people for your service, however you can set a price if desired.

In order to receive full access to ARAC exclusive features you must wear one of the 3 Overalls, this is also a server rule. These features are as follows:

  1. Receive ARAC Dispatches.
  2. Load Vehicles onto the ARAC Tempest.

The ARAC Fleet

How to Tow vehicles Using the ARAC Tempest:

0.1. Ensure you have a Tempest Transport with the ARAC Mod, available from the Mod Shop.

  1. Ensure you are wearing the ARAC Uniform and own the ARAC license.
  2. Maneuver the Truck so its rear end is next to the front of the vehicle that's to be Towed.
  3. Make sure you have Keys to both vehicles.
  4. Look at the vehicle that's to be towed and press 'Windows Key'. Select 'Load Vehicle in Tow Truck'. This will induce an animation and a progression bar.

To unload a Vehicle from the Truck.

  1. Look at the vehicle you want to unload and press 'Windows Key', Select 'Unload Vehicle from Tow Truck' This will induce an animation and a progression bar.

How to Request ARAC Assistance:

  1. Pressing '2' or 'Y' then 'Mobile', will bring up your RPUK Mobile as show on the Controls Page
  2. Select 'ARAC Repair' from the top left.
  3. Press 'Send Message' in the bottom left corner.
  4. Now type your message, be sure to include the following: Precise location, Persons involved, What happened and if you require any other Emergency Services.
  5. Select 'Send Message' in the bottom right to send your message to ARAC Repair.

ARAC Specific Rules:

  • (9.1) Using the ARAC, AAN or Taxi spawn points for any purpose other than the implied duties is forbidden.
  • (9.3) The ARAC are the servers breakdown service. It is a role to help people and role play a mechanic, so in order to prevent abuse we have some rules surrounding this licence.
  • (9.3.1) ARAC members must be wearing the uniform while they are performing ARAC duties.
  • (9.3.2) ARAC members must be using the ARAC vehicles while they are performing ARAC duties.
  • (9.3.3) ARAC members should not use the ARAC system to target players when they are at their most vulnerable, i.e. broken down in the middle of nowhere and asking for assistance. When not playing as a ARAC member, you must not acknowledge any messages sent via this system.
  • (9.3.4) ARAC Members are not allowed to perform any illegal activities when they are in uniform. It is a purely role play activity.
  • (9.3.5) ARAC Members are exempt from rule 3.4 when on duty.

Road Side Garages

The Impound Lot between Lakka and Agios

There are 2 Roadside garages amongst Altis. One is in Athira and one South of Rodopoli.

  • The garages allow on duty ARAC members to repair vehicles much faster and without the need to use a Toolkit.
  • They also allow you to remove Vehicle Trackers if you have the Tracker Remover Skills as explained on the Skills Page.

Impound Lot

Near Lakka there is an Impound Lot. This is where ARAC Members are able to impound abandoned vehicles.

The Impound Lot is also where impounded vehicles are retrieved, the retrival price is set by the Officer who is impounding the vehicle.