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The Altis Police Board was introduced with the aim of increasing the transparency within the Police Service. The Board have a weekly meeting, held on Wednesday at 7pm, and discuss a mixture of different issues as listed below.

Roles of the Board

  • Vote on people’s unblacklisting
  • Discuss issues within their respective departments and present any issues to the Altis Police Service Command
  • Vote on changes to the APS that have been presented to the Command in the previous board
  • To present any ideas to the APS board for their discussion for the following Board Meeting where it will either be voted on or denied with a valid reason

Members of the APS Board

Board Rules / Regulations

There are some basic rules and regulations for the Police Board to follow to make sure to keep a smooth running within any changes.

  1. All ideas must be presented to the APS Command prior to the Board meeting either in the previous board meeting or a minimum of 3 days before the next meeting.
  2. All changes need to be announced at the Board meeting at least 3 days before coming into force, this is to give the Constabulary Command time to get things in order.
  3. There must be 3 out of 4 CC’s to complete a major change*1, even if the vote is successful, as it will be up to Gold Command to manage and implement the change, as well as admins to approve the changes first.
    1. This can be overridden on an admin level if it impacts the server/map.
    2. In case of lack of CC’s present, 2 DCC’s and a CC can accept the request, however 3.2 still takes precedence and can also be declined on good grounds by remaining command.
  4. Any changes authorised by APS Command and the Board still require authorisation on an management level.

*1 - A major change is something that will change the map design, or Add/Remove/Change constabularies or departments.