Kavala Police

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Kavala Police
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Chief Superintendent
  • CSI MaverickDelta
  • SI Leon Kennedy
  • SI Ajazuri
  • SI TBA
  • Rasta

The Kavala Constabulary is responsible for keeping law and order in the city of Kavala. This is primarily done through vehicle patrols, police presence and police intelligence. The main area's of interest in Kavala that the Constabulary focuses on are as follows: AR Weapon Cache, Kavala Fuel, 10 Kavala Street, Aluminium Processor, Glass Trader, PC Factory, Factory, Weed Processor, Copper Processor, Plastic Processor, Kore Fuel, Stadium Fuel, Altis Metal Exports, Agglechori Fuel, Aluminium Mine, Copper Mine, Drug Dealer and Wood Fuel Buyer.

Basic information


Each Tuesday at 20:00 GMT a SGT+ meeting is convened where members of Kavala constabulary can voice their opinions, bring up any points they want escalated, discuss ways to improve and debate promotions as well as demotions.

The main aspects the Kavala Constabulary look for in an officer are:

  • Feedback: 'Does the individual have a track record of consistent proficiency across all aspects of policing, are they often touted as good patrol partners by a diverse range of officers?'
  • Activity: 'Are they patrolling regularly on ordinary patrols as well as their specialist patrols, and getting involved with members of the constabulary?'
  • Acuity: 'Can this person hold their own in a role-play scenario, keep their cool in negotiations, have clear and consistent communications with people both in person and over the radio?'
  • Leadership: 'Will this individual step up and lead when the need arises, and if so, do they perform confidently?'
  • Combat: 'When the chips are down, can they not only hold their own but get the most out of their fellow officer in the most stressful of situations?'

What's expected

Kavala officers are expected to be reliable, positive, logical and kind, as their actions represent the Constabulary and the Police as a whole.